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Global Smartphone Market 2020 – Apple Bags Top Spot, Samsung Declines

- Updated: 25th Feb 2021, 07:05 IST

The global smartphone market is recovering in 2020. In the fourth quarter, the recovery starts have grown 8% that is 395.5 million units. Apple was the one to heal the market in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In the third quarter, Samsung was leading the market. However, in the fourth quarter of Samsung lost the marketing battle from Apple. Apple was leading the market by 21% whereas Samsung only had 16 % of the market share.

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Global smartphone market Q3 highlights

The third quarter of 2020, was showing some drastic changes in the global smartphone market share. First of all, Samsung was on the top spot with shipping of 80.4 million units. Samsung grew 48 % from the last fiscal quarter. Also, it was the one to show the highest ever shipment in the past three years.

Consequently, Realme was the one that grew 132% since the last fiscal quarter. It became the world’s fastest brand to hit 50 million shipments after Inception. After that Xiaomi grew 75% since the last fiscal quarter. In the third quarter, Apple took the fourth spot whereas he was the one to capture the third spot in the global smartphone market share.

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Global smartphone market Q2 highlights

The second quarter of 2020 was facing a huge impact of covid-19 on smaller brands. Huawei was the one to capture the top position in the Global smartphone market share. The brand new its share by growing in China tremendously.

Also, Samsung was the one that it was facing a huge impact of the pandemic and lockdowns. Its core market in India, the USA, and Europe was struggling due to covid. However, really was the only major brand that was showing double-digit annual growth. Apple on the other hand was showing stable growth because of the great sales of the iPhone 11.

Q1 2020 highlights

The Global market share showed a steep decline. The first quarter of 2020 was the was time for the Global smartphone market. This was the first time after 2014 that the smartphone market has fallen below 300 mn units.

Samsung was the only one to capture the market share. It was the one to capture one-fifth of the global smartphone shipments. Huawei was growing in China and took Apple’s spot in the market. Huawei had a 17% market share whereas Apple only had 14%.

The Global smartphone market is recovering at fast-paced. Some friends are taking over each others position in the market. However, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and xiaomi are the four top brands in the market.