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Netflix Releases Intelligent Download Feature

- Updated: 24th Feb 2021, 05:06 IST

Netflix has recently come up with the “downloads for you” feature. This feature is an update of the smart download feature. It is now available on Android and iOS globally.

Netflix is a video streaming platform. It is the most popular platform for watching the latest content. The company is always working on smart features to provide a better user experience.

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What are smart downloads?

In July 2018, Netflix came up with the smart download feature for Android. The smart download feature allows the user to find the next episode quickly with or without an internet connection.

Also, the feature automatically deletes the previous episode after the user watches it. The feature will automatically download the next episode for a smooth watching experience.

Netflix download for you feature

Currently, Netflix is rolling out this feature for Android and iOS. This is an upgrade to the smart download feature. This feature will automatically download movies and TV shows that the user might like.

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It will go through the recommended list of the user and will download all the episodes automatically. Also, the smart download feature will also delete the previous episodes for better space management.

To use this feature, the user needs to launch the Netflix application. After this, the user will have to tap on the downloads tab. Next here she can see the downloads for you option in the menu. Lastly, the user can toggle it on or off as per his or her liking.

According to Netflix, this will help the users stuck in their daily commute. Also, this will help them to watch the recommended shows without an internet connection. Not only this, but this feature can be turned off. The user can simply go to downloads and then to the smart download option to turn off the feature.