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Microsoft To Add AI Text Prediction In Word

By Yeti - 
24th Feb 2021
Microsoft To Add AI Text Prediction In Word

Next month, Microsoft will launch a new text prediction feature in word. It will work just like the smart compose feature in Google Docs. According to Neowin, Microsoft 365 will roll out this feature in March.

Gmail also uses this smart compose feature for predicting text while typing an email. Google was the first to come up with this smart compose idea. It use is artificial intelligence to provide suggestions to the users while writing.

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Microsoft AI text prediction

Microsoft is launching this feature to increase the efficiency of a write-up. Also, it will help the users to write quickly and accurately. It will use machine learning feature. This feature will help in improving the text prediction. It will get better overtime.

Not only this, but Microsoft is rolling out this feature to 50% off the windows beta channel since last year. The testing part of the feature is all done. It will soon roll out in the next month.

Text prediction on Outlook

Last November, Microsoft added the text prediction to Outlook. The feature is working great. The company is looking forward to rolling the feature out for Android this month.

Text prediction works just like Google text prediction. If the writer is writing a common phrase the Microsoft AI will suggest the next word. It will also learn over time and provide personalized suggestions to the user.

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Lastly, the user will just have to press the tab button to insert the suggestion. Gmail is using this feature for the past 5 years. However, Microsoft is also using this feature but only with the Soft keyboard. When a user works on his her Windows Tablet then he or she can use this feature.

Also, last September Microsoft assured the users that the text prediction will not use any user data. Microsoft cannot view any of the user data with the help of text prediction.


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