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Google Reveals All Gmail User Data It Collects

- Updated: 24th Feb 2021, 05:11 IST

Nowadays, privacy is the most important thing for a human being. People want privacy as a basic feature with every device or browser. Google is stepping up on this privacy game by showing the category of user data it collects. It is adding privacy labels to its Gmail application.

Google is the most famous browser in the internet world. Also, it hosts various other Web Services. Gmail is one of those Web Services. It is an emailing application that allows its users to communicate via emails. Google is adding these privacy labels on Apple Store.

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What are privacy labels?

Apple was the first to introduce the concept of “privacy labels”. These labels show how much user data and collects and processes. Also, it shows the type of data that an app collects. Due to Apple’s mandatory privacy labels policy, Google is adding privacy labels to its native apps.

Furthermore, Gmail collects user data for personalization. It shares some of the user data with third-party advertisers. User data can consist of purchases, usage data, search history, contact info, location, etc. This is the reason users get advertisements based on their search history or purchases.

Gmail user data collection

Gmail collects a lot of user data. It saves purchase history, email address, photos and videos, location, audio recordings, etc. Everyone links their email id to various other applications. Consequently, Gmail records all the data.

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Also, while using voice typing on Android, all the recordings are sent to Gmail. If a user uses all the available services of Gmail then it can hold on to some most important user data.

However, the users can always control privacy settings by visiting their Google account. Currently, there are 12 Google apps that have these privacy labels. For example, YouTube, Gmail, Google classroom, Google Play movies, etc. Still, some apps like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Maps do not have privacy labels.