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Google’s Unveils New Pixel Stand Wireless Charger For Pixel 6

- Updated: 16th Jun 2021, 22:18 IST
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    Pixel Stand: Charging Speed And Other Features

The Pixel 6 series appears to be on track to revamp the Google Pixel phone lineup like never before. The smartphones, which have an entirely different design than their predecessors, show Google’s desire to increase the appeal of its handsets. It may also be planning to release a new Pixel Stand, new wireless charger for the upcoming series as a result of this.

According to new reports, Google is working on a second-generation Pixel Stand which will provide wireless charging on Pixel smartphones. Interestingly, the new Pixel Stand could come with fans, which could allow for higher charging speeds.

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Google’s upcoming wireless charger will be the successor to the first Pixel Stand, which was released in 2018. It allowed users to charge their handsets in a vertical position, allowing them to use them for multiple tasks while charging.

Pixel Stand: Charging Speed And Other Features

9to5Google, on the other hand, discovered further information on the likely new Pixel Stand that could come alongside the Google Pixel 6 in Android 12 Beta 2. The original Pixel Stand is a 10W wireless charger that appeared with the Google Pixel 3. It was compatible with the Google Pixel 4, as well as the Google Pixel 5. Given that the previous Pixel Stand charged at 10W and didn’t have a fan, the new model might charge quicker than 10W if it has a cooling fan.

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There is no data indicating the new Pixel Stand’s charging speed. Although, there is new information indicating what the different fan settings will be used for. According to 9to5Google, saying “Hey Google,” using the Google Recorder app, or setting Bedtime Mode will turn off the fans. This will allow your voice to be heard more clearly and easily. “Auto,” “Quiet,” and “Power Boost” appear to be the three modes that can be manually selected in the wireless charger. Power Boost appears to be a mode that could perhaps speed up wireless charging.

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If this is correct, Google’s Pixel smartphones will have a very appealing offer for smartphone users this year. The Pixel Stand 2 will be yet another bonus for the Pixel 6 series, which is likely to come with a significant improvement to its camera setup and a fresh new style.