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Google Camera To Get Astrophotography Update

- Updated: 6th Oct 2022, 11:45 IST
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    Astrophotography Update
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    When Will It Release?

Google is among the most innovative technological firms of all time. Despite how fantastic the Pixel Phone’s camera is, the company is still working to improve it. According to recent rumors, the search engine giant may release an astrophotography update for its Pixel phone cameras.

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According to 9to5Google, the latest Google Pixel Tips update included a hint of an “Astrotimelapse” feature. 9to5Google dug into the update before the June Pixel Feature launch in the hopes of uncovering some signs about a potential Astro-time-lapse feature improvement. You’ve probably seen time-lapse videos of stars in the midnight sky on Instagram and YouTube. Its caputed with the help of professional Digital SLR cameras, but now, according to Google’s new update, Pixel smartphones would be able to record the night sky in time-lapse mode as well.

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Astrophotography Update

People will be able to set a timer, after which the camera will automatically take photos every few minutes. Finally, you should be able to capture a photograph that depicts the movement of clouds in a starry night sky. Obviously, you’ll need a tripod or something similar to keep your smartphone stationary while these photographs are being taken. But the results will be stunning for sure.

There’s no indication on when this function will be available in the Google Camera app, but it might be soon. So keep a lookout if this seems like something you’d like to use.

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When Will It Release?

According to the source, the Pixel Tips App will confirm to see if the Camera app is version 8.2.3, which should have the new Astrophotography feature. 9to5Google notes that the Google Camera upgrade may or may not coincide with the June Feature Drop. Therefore, we might or might not have to wait for a Google Camera update to release via the Play Store.