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Indus, Made-in-India Battle Royale Game: Everything You Need to Know

- Updated: 3rd Feb 2022, 14:05 IST
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    SuperGaming Reveals Details about Indus’ Map, Anti-Cheat, Battle Pass, and More
    • 1. Indus and Virlok Map
    • 2. Battle Pass
    • 3. Anti-Cheat and Game Engine
    • 4. Weapons and Gameplay

Indian developer, SuperGaming recently announced its plan to bring another exciting project in 2022. SuperGaming is foraying into the battle royale genre with Indus, a free-to-play game for not just Mobile, but also PC and Console. Although the game does not have a confirmed launch date as of yet. The company is hinting towards a launch soon in 2022. Moreover, the developer team claims that it will have fantastic gunplay and gameplay mechanics that are found in modern-day battle royale shooters.

Before today, not much has come out about the Indus, except for a splash screen that is on their website for quite some time. It does seem futuristic. Although according to the developers and the screenshot, is loaded with tidbits and architecture basing on Indian culture. There seems to be a lore element as well, though it is not clear how they intend to apply it.

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Indus seems to be SuperGaming’s most ambitious project to date. From what we’ve seen so far, the game looks pretty impressive. In the same blog post, SuperGaming shares a lot of key information, including the default character, Mythwalker. The developers have also shared a backstory of sorts to Mythwalker, a hired gun working for COVEN. Let us look at some of the new information that has come out for the new game:

SuperGaming Reveals Details about Indus’ Map, Anti-Cheat, Battle Pass, and More

1. Indus and Virlok Map

According to the lore, the planet of Indus is a mystery to almost every spacefaring civilisation. The planet comprises a collection of untouched, unexplored, and ever-changing islands. The reason why it is significant to the galaxy is because of the planet’s limitless deposits of a valuable substance called Cosmium.

Furthermore, the game will majorly take place on an ever-changing island map called Virlok. From the sound of it, it appears that the map will also undergo transformation routinely, probably to coincide with new seasons and content drops.

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2. Battle Pass

Battle Pass progression mechanic is very normal for most free-to-play battle royale games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, and plenty more. The developers have also been sharing the development process of the art for the game on their social media platforms.

3. Anti-Cheat and Game Engine

According to the developers, Indus will strive to have a level playing field by employing various methods of anti-cheat. The game runs on Unity as a base engine with a custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack called the Indus Engine.

SuperGaming has been known to employ proprietary tech for game engines, such as in popular mobile FPS, MaskGun, which uses the June Engine.

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4. Weapons and Gameplay

Indus- Ashvini

A battle royale game depends on its weapons and Indus will have a wide variety of them. The game will include, but not be limited to – assault rifles, hand cannons, and even snipers. Additionally, developers have shared early concept art for one of the Sniper Rifles in the game, Ashivini. For those interested, they will routinely be sharing more information about weapons, gameplay, and such on their official Discord server.

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Right now, the game looks to be first-person perspective currently. Although SuperGaming might introduce a third-person perspective in future, as hinted. Furthermore, they have shared that there is also an Indus Creators Program, to encourage content creators and gamers to put out content from the game.