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iOS 18 Brings New Control Centre & More: Features, Release Date

- Updated: 11th Jun 2024, 10:45 IST
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    iOS 18 Introduces New Home Screen Customization And Control Centre
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    New AI Features Powered By Apple Intelligence
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    iOS 18 Release Date And Eligible Devices

Apple made many announcements at its annual WWDC event, including unveiling its new iOS 18 update. It brings some much-requested features, including the ability to customize the lock screen, a redesigned control centre, and AI capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about the iOS 18 update, including its release date, eligible devices, features and more.

iOS 18 Introduces New Home Screen Customization And Control Centre

iOS 18 Update Is The Biggest Overhaul To iOS in recent years

The iOS 18 update is the biggest redesign in recent years. It brings new levels of customization, including the ability to rearrange apps and widgets anywhere, similar to Android phones.

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Moreover, users can change the look of their icons by giving them a dark or tinted effect. You can also increase their size for a more minimalistic and accessible look.

In addition, the iOS 18 update introduces a new Control Centre that offers easy access to frequently used controls, including Media Playback, Home Controls, and more. Third-party apps can also add controls to the Control Centre, and you can customize its layout according to your liking.

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Another customization feature is the ability to change the lock screen shortcuts and remove them. You can also use the Action buttons to invoke controls in the gallery.

New AI Features Powered By Apple Intelligence

Furthermore, the iOS 18 update gets innovative AI features powered by the new Apple Intelligence. It will initially be available in English on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the US.

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The Messages app gets RCS support, finally bridging the long gap between iOS and Android. This will drastically improve media quality and group chats, ushering in a new level of interconnectivity between users.

New text formatting and emoji with Tapback also improve the messaging experience. The Messages app allows users to send messages via satellite connectivity.

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Similarly, the Mail app is also getting a major overhaul. Emails will be better categorized into different categories so you can read them at a glance and stay on top of your schedule.

Apple has introduced a new Passwords app that will function similarly to LastPass and let you store all your passwords across your Apple device. You can check, edit, and verify the strength of your passwords and see those exposed in leaks.

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You can also lock your favourite apps with FaceID, Touch ID, or a passcode, adding another layer of privacy and security to your device. The contents of these locked apps will not be visible in search, notifications, or other areas.

Furthermore, Apple has added a new Hidden Apps folder that will allow you to hide apps on your device. Another new feature for gamers is the new Game Mode, which will offer an immersive experience by optimizing performance and reducing the latency in AirPods and controllers.

iOS 18 Release Date And Eligible Devices

The iOS 18 update developer is currently available for those enrolled in the Developer Program. Furthermore, the public beta will roll out next month, and a stable version will be available later this year in the Fall. The following devices will be eligible for the iOS 18 update:

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple has unveiled its iOS 18 update at WWDC with AI features and customization options.
  • The update brings a new Apple Intelligence apart from the redesigned control centre.
  • The iOS 18 update will roll out to eligible devices in the fall of this year and is currently in its preview stage.