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iPhone 15 Series Sales Commence In India – Discover Exclusive Discounts!

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2023, 11:49 IST
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    iPhone 15 Series Prices
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    iPhone 15: Discounts For Users
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The Apple iPhone 15 series has made its grand debut in India, coinciding with the opening of new Apple Stores in Delhi and Mumbai. Enthusiastic Apple fans have flocked to these stores, eagerly anticipating the chance to purchase the latest iPhone 15 Series, as sales start today!

While pre-orders have been available since September 15, customers can now either have the new phones delivered or visit the stores in person to make their purchases. This marks an exciting moment for iPhone enthusiasts in India, who can finally get their hands on the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series. iPhone 15 Sales have started strong, with long queues forming outside Apple stores in Mumbai and New Delhi before opening.

People in long queues to buy Apple iPhone 15

Rahul, the very first customer at the Apple Store in New Delhi’s Select Citywalk Mall, proudly acquired the iPhone 15 Pro Max. He patiently waited in line since 4 am to be among the first to own this new phone. Rahul already possesses the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but he was determined to get his hands on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Aan, who traveled from Ahmedabad, expressed his dedication, sharing, “I flew in yesterday and arrived at the store at 6 am. I was fortunate enough to attend the store’s opening a few months ago and even had the opportunity to meet Tim Cook.”

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iPhone 15 Series Prices

iPhone 15 Series Prices

In India, the iPhone 15 series comes in various models and storage options, each with its respective price. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the iPhone 15 series prices:

  • iPhone 15:
    • 128GB: Rs. 79,900
    • 256GB: Rs. 89,900
    • 512GB: Rs. 1,09,900
  • iPhone 15 Plus:
    • 128GB: Rs. 89,900
    • 256GB: Rs. 99,900
    • 512GB: Rs. 1,19,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro:
    • 128GB: Rs. 1,34,900
    • 256GB: Rs. 1,44,900
    • 512GB: Rs. 1,64,900
    • 1TB: Rs. 1,84,900
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max:
    • 256GB: Rs. 1,59,900
    • 512GB: Rs. 1,79,900
    • 1TB: Rs. 1,99,900

Each model offers varying storage capacities to suit your needs, with prices corresponding to the storage size you choose.

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iPhone 15: Discounts For Users

iPhone 15: Discounts For Users

Apple has sweetened the deal by offering discounts to customers who use HDFC Bank Cards for their purchases. Buyers of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will receive an instant discount of Rs 6,000, while those opting for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, which are non-Pro models, will enjoy a cashback of Rs 5,000. These offers are not limited to the new models; they also apply to older iPhone versions, with discounts of Rs 4,000 on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, Rs 3,000 on the iPhone 13, and Rs 2,000 on the iPhone SE.

In addition to direct discounts, Apple offers a ‘Trade-in’ program. Customers can trade in their eligible smartphones and receive an instant credit of up to Rs 55,700 when purchasing a new iPhone.

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Special Bank Offers

For those using HDFC Bank credit cards, there’s an extra Rs 5,000 discount available on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. This discount also applies to HDFC debit card EMI transactions. However, please note that these discounts do not extend to the iPhone 15 Pro, and the availability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max on the e-commerce site may vary.

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