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iPhone Users Report Battery Drain Issue After iOS 14.6 Update

- Updated: 7th Jun 2021, 06:37 IST
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    Devices Affected by Battery Drain Issue

After upgrading to iOS 14.6 on iPhones, users are complaining about a significant battery drain. This update was issued late last month and contains, updates to Apple Card Family, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, and AirTag. The update was supposed to resolve issues with phone startup performance, but it appears to have caused new ones. One iPhone user reported that his phone’s battery dropped by 70% overnight, while another reported that his phone’s battery continues to drop even after he charged it overnight.

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Apple’s Support Community page is receiving a lot of complaints about the iPhone’s battery depleting more quickly than normal.

One customer claims that the power drain is so bad that he needs to connect his iPhone to the charger every two hours. After installing the iOS 14.6 update, some users complained that within a few hours of use, the battery level had reduced from 100% to 17%.

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Devices Affected by Battery Drain Issue

The battery drain problem does not appear to be an issue to a small number of iPhone owners. According to Apple’s Support Community site, the majority of iPhone customers, including those with the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, Max iPhone XS, iPhone 11, Phone SE (2020), and iPhone 7 Plus are having this issue.

The majority of users have mentioned that the battery drain problem started once they updated to iOS 14.6. Apple has yet to acknowledge the matter and provide a solution.

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According to one Reddit user, the issue could be due to the addition of AirTags to the Find My Network. The user said, “A tonne of people have said once they added an AirTag, their battery life took a hit. But you also got to realize that AirTag location awareness was also added to every iOS device with 14.6”.

If you haven’t already updated your phone, you should probably wait for Apple’s next software update. We expect Apple to release iOS 14.6.1 soon, which should address this issue. As of now, the company is testing iOS 14.7.