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Just Corseca Snugar And Slingshot Smartwatches In India: Pricing And Specs

- Updated: 14th Feb 2022, 11:27 IST
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    Specs – Just Corseca Snugar and Slingshot

Slingshot and Snugar, two new smartwatches from Damson Technologies-owned electronics company Just Corseca, launched in India. The two new smartwatches are to aim squarely at fitness fanatics who like taking risks and participating in challenging activities. Featuring an IP67 certification and several sports modes, the Slingshot and Snugar smartwatches are a great choice.

In addition, to locate my phone, remote camera control, music control, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, weather information, idle notifications, a drink water reminder and an alarm are all included in both watches. Just Corseca, in particular, is giving away a free TWS Plum with every smartwatch purchase.

The newest International Statistics Corporation (IDC) data shows that smartwatches were the fastest-growing gadgets in the wearable category during this past quarter. That Just Corseca has also contributed to this expansion gives us great pleasure.

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We’ve introduced three new smartwatches in the last quarter. In addition, with the introduction of Slingshot and Snugar, we’re ensuring that wearable technology is safe, enriching, and enjoyable in daily life,” says the CEO of Samsung Electronics. The news announcement from Just Corseca described the company’s Managing Director Ritesh Goenka as stating the following:

just corseca

There is no announcement of India’s Just Corseca Slingshot and Snugar smartwatches pricing.

The Just Corseca Snugar will sell for Rs 8,999, while the Just Corseca Slingshot will be available for Rs. 7,999. Online and offline merchants are now offering both smartwatches for purchase. On both the Slingshot and the Snugar smartwatches, Just Corseca provides a one-year guarantee.

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Specs – Just Corseca Snugar and Slingshot

Smartwatches by Just Corseca, the Slingshot and Snugar both have a 1.69″ HD LCD with a resolution of 240280 pixels. According to the manufacturer, the 200mAh battery within the Snugar can provide you with a powerful life of up to 15 days of continuous use.

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A 180mAh battery powers Slingshot, which can last ten days of constant use. In addition to an optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and sleep tracking, both smartwatches are equipped with blood oxygen saturation and pressure sensors as well. In addition, you can see incoming calls and messages on the smartwatches and customers may refuse or accept calls straight from their wristband devices.


Highlights of the Story

  • Introducing the Slingshot and Snugar, two new smartwatches by Just Corseca will be available in India starting today.
  • Featuring a 1.69-inch high-definition LCD, the Slingshot and Snugar are both excellent games.
  • Online and offline merchants in India are selling both smartwatches, which are both available for purchase.