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Over 23 Lakh Indian WhatsApp Users Banned! Here’s Why

- Updated: 3rd Oct 2022, 15:55 IST
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    Here’s Why Whatsapp Just Banned Over 23 Lakh Indian WhatsApp Users

Following the new IT guidelines, WhatsApp banned over 23 lakh Indian users in August 2022. The overall number of banned accounts registered by WhatsApp in August is identical to that recorded in July. WhatsApp took action on the majority of the funds after receiving user complaints.

Here’s Why Whatsapp Just Banned Over 23 Lakh Indian WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp Users Banned

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According to Whatsapp most accounts were banned after getting negative input from users via the “Report” function. Furthermore, the Meta-owned chat app received 598 grievance reports and took action on 19 accounts. Between August 1, 2022, and August 30, 2022, it blocked 2,328,000 Indian accounts.

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WhatsApp stated in its report that it was taking numerous initiatives to make the platform more secure and safe for its users. In addition to several privacy protections, the site provides a specific method for reporting abuse or other dangerous items.

WhatsApp also reviews all email reports and, if necessary, removes accounts “for breaching the laws of India or WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.”

In addition to user complaints, WhatsApp relies on automatic methods to identify spam or rogue users. “Abuse detection occurs at three points in an account’s life cycle: upon registration, during messaging, and in response to the negative input in the form of user reports and blocks.

A team of analysts enhance these systems to examine edge circumstances and help improve our performance over time,” states WhatsApp India Monthly Report.

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Highlights of the Story

WhatsApp banned more than 2 million accounts in India in August.
Of these, over 10 lakh accounts were banned without receiving user reports.
Users can report abuse or other harmful things by simply long pressing a message.