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Realme C35 To Bring This Innovation: Know What Is It?

- Updated: 18th Apr 2022, 17:22 IST

If you’re looking for a smartphone with a luxurious style, go no further than the Realme collection. According to Realme Vice President Madhav Sheth, this would set the Realme C series apart from the competition. As a result, nearly half of the Realme smartphones likely to come out in 2022 would have a 5G connection. He went on to say that the Chinese manufacturer would expand the Realme C30 line of smartphones shortly. Realme released its C35 smartphone in India last month.

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Realme C35 Specs

Sheth, a Realme executive, told BGR that the company is attempting to “add more distinguishing elements” by bringing “innovations of high-end [smartphones].” Although, according to him, “design has been the basic core pillar together with performance”, the firm has learned from its prior experiences. For example, realme C35, which came out in India last month, was mentioned by the company’s CEO. As seen by our assessment of the Realme C35, its design sets it apart from the competitors.

According to Sheth, Realme 9 Pro+’s camera has optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology that they sought to “commercialise to the public” while discussing other high-end capabilities.

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According to Sheth, Realme will be introducing other C30 series smartphones this year (which suggests that the business may debut more phones in the Realme C3x series) and concentrate on the cheap market with the third generation C-series handsets.

Sheth said Realme would continue innovating in charging, screens, and cameras for higher-end devices. According to a Realme exec, more than half of smartphones released in 2022 will be 5G-capable, which emphasises the importance of 5G in the future.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Battery capacity and rapid charging are two of the most important innovations.
  • The startup aims to make high-end features available to a broader audience.
  • For affordable phones, Realme will concentrate on both design and performance.

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