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Redmi K60: First Redmi Lineup With Wireless Charging In The Works

- Updated: 10th Oct 2022, 14:00 IST
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    Dynamic Island on Redmi K60?

The Xiaomi Redmi K60 Pro 5G is the company’s low-cost flagship lineup and an alternative to Xiaomi’s number series. Given the series’ low price, the Redmi K-series sometimes lacks high-end features such as wireless charging and an IP rating. On the other hand, wireless charging might be the Redmi series’ first premium flagship feature.

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Dynamic Island on Redmi K60?

Redmi K60

Dynamic Island, which debuted with the Apple iPhone 14 series, is easily the most talked-about feature/functionality in recent memory. While introducing a new design language, it also offers functionality. Android OEMs are already looking into incorporating this into their flagship devices, and the Redmi might be the first.

Dynamic Island is an interactive portion of the phone that changes size dynamically based on the content/context. The Dynamic Island feature is to make its way to the K60 series.

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According to DigitalChatStation, the forthcoming Redmi flagship series with Snapdragon 8 series phones will feature 30W wireless charging. The phones in question could be the Redmi K60 series. While 30W may not seem like much, it is the first time the Redmi K-series will allow wireless charging.

While the actual model names are being kept under wraps for the time being, we should be the high-end models. The K60 series’ high-end model may use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, built on TSMC’s 4nm process and is said to improve the existing Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 model.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Redmi K60 series might finally get a Dynamic Island-like feature and 30W wireless charging support.
  • The phones in the lineup are tipped to get 67W wired and 30W wireless and an upgraded version of 120W wired and 30W wireless charging support.
  • The Redmi K60 series might launch in 2023.