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Samsung Galaxy S22 Rumoured to Skip the 3D ToF Sensor

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 16:21 IST
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    Samsung Might Ditch 3D ToF Sensor On Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung has decided against equipping the Samsung Galaxy S22 series with 3D ToF cameras. Although many flagships makers use this sensor to improve the depth of field in portrait photography. In addition, it also comes in use for augmented reality. However, Samsung believes that the technology doesn’t offer enough advantages over traditional methods of attaining a depth of field.

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According to the reports, the company is not going to use the camera sensor at least for the Samsung Galaxy S22. The company did use these sensors on its phones prior to removing them from the recent Galaxy S21 and the Note 20 series. The company swapped in a simple Laser AF system for the Galaxy Note20 Ultra launch. They have since then found that the change didn’t negatively impact user experience.

Samsung Might Ditch 3D ToF Sensor On Samsung Galaxy S22

According to a report, the company will skip the 3D ToF sensor on the Galaxy S22 series of phones. This information comes from a source close to the development plans for the phone. Unlike Apple’s iPhone 12 – they will not use the sensor. Augmented reality is the only reason Apple added a 3D ToF to its iPhone series.

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Although, facing criticism for the Galaxy S20’s subpar autofocus performance the company decided to replace the 3D ToF with a laser AF system in the Galaxy Note 20. Apart from this information, we have not much information available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 as of now.

To help you understand, the ToF sensor is like a 3D camera – which measures the distance to objects to create a depth map (with 0.3 MP resolution in the case of the S20 Ultra). In contrast, Laser AF is like a single “pixel”, so it can only help with autofocus. Anyway, the depth map is used (among other things) to separate the subject from the background in portrait shots.

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Currently, there is not much information about the Galaxy S22 is available on the internet. We will keep you updated as we come to know more.