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SunBird iMessage App Shuts Down Due To Security Concerns

- Updated: 22nd Nov 2023, 14:05 IST
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    Sunbird App Goes Out Of Service Amid Privacy Controversy

Sunbird, the messaging app that promised iMessage connectivity on Android phones, is temporarily shutting down its service. The company had created the Nothing Chats in collaboration with Nothing to offer “blue bubbles for everyone”.

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Sunbird was at the centre of a major controversy as users pointed out glaring security issues in the Nothing Chats app. The app transmitted all the data in plain text with no end-to-end encryption.

Sunbird App Goes Out Of Service Amid Privacy Controversy

Sunbird brought blue bubbles for Android phones on iMessage

The company has announced it is temporarily shutting down the application in a message to its users. It has decided to “pause Sunbird usage for now” with a promise to update users when it is “ready to proceed”.Moreover, the company has removed the app from the Google Play Store.

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The Sunbird app allowed Android users to communicate with their Apple peers via iMessage. It offered complete iMessage functionality for Android users, with texts having the coveted blue bubble.

The app required users to log in to a remote Mac Mini server farm using their Apple ID. The company developed the Nothing Chats app based on its service, and users found significant privacy issues in the app.

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According to a report by, the Sunbird service did not have end-to-end encryption and used the HTTP protocol for transmission. Furthermore, the texts sent over the app were public and accessible to everyone.

This led Nothing to remove its Nothing Chats from the Google Play Store due to “several bugs”. Furthermore, the company did not provide any further clarification, even as Sunbird claimed that all user data remained secure.

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The Sunbird app launched in 2022 to offer iMessage functionality to Android users for free, promising features like end-to-end encryption, ad-free experience and no data collection. However, all these claims fell flat as users discovered glaring privacy issues in the app.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Sunbird has announced it is shutting down the Messaging service for Android.
  • The app enabled iMessage functionality with blue bubbles support, end-to-end encryption and no data collection.
  • However, users found these claims were fake as the app had significant security issues, leading the company to remove it from the Google Play Store.