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Twitter Blue Tick Now With Your Pocket-Friendly Prices!

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 10:36 IST
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Twitter has been now officially owned by Elon Musk. The new CEO of the social media giant is now wasting little time to change things around. He even fired a number of employees at a significantly high role in the company (the former CEO, Parag Agarwal, for instance). The premium Twitter Blue Tick can now be given to any user by paying $8(roughly Rs. 660).

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Paid Blue Tick

Musk has now confirmed that social media would soon start charging $8 to users who want to get their handles verified. This comes to be part of the premium Twitter Blue service. He even briefed about the perks that a user could potentially enjoy by paying the said money. However, this comes after Musk earlier teased that the verified blue check would cost $20. 

The new CEO begin this thread by pointing at the current “lords” and “peasants” on Twitter. By which he means verified and unverified users. He even mocked the current system of verification, which is still marked as a novelty by many. Before the blue tick was offered manually by Twitter to public figures after a check but free of cost.

The reports suggested that the premium Twitter feature could cost $20. But now with the ongoing backlash, the CEO has to reconsider things and the adjusted price is now down to $8.

Even Elon commented that the price has been adjusted by the country proportionate to purchasing power parity.

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New Twitter Feature Perks

Moreover the premium $8 Twitter feature, will have other benefits along with being verified. The users will get the coveted blue tick. Along with prioritised replies, mentions, and searches. This comes as something which will potentially defeat spam/scams.

Secondly, users will now be able to post long videos and audio. As well as the paying customers will only get half as many ads.

Now for the publishers, paying $8 would refer to getting the ability to add a paywall to their content. This completely refers that Twitter shall be able to generate a revenue stream. Also, as mentioned by Musk this would be used to reward content creators on the platform.

Nextly, the prior verified handles need not worry about losing their own tag as Twitter will provide another secondary tag below the name of someone who is a public figure. But if a non-paying celebrity will lose the blue tick or not, is still behind the curtains.

However social media has not yet confirmed when this new feature will be presented. The reports suggested that he will not want to waste time. Also, the team has been asked to roll things out by November 7th.

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While this seems a hassle for the countries like India, where Twitter Blue Feature is not even made live yet. It is awaited how this feature will roll out pretty soon.