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WhatsApp Communities Feature Announced: Know Everything Here

- Updated: 16th Apr 2022, 23:50 IST
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    The Launch Of WhatsApp Communities Feature
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    WhatsApp Groups Now Have New Features
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    • Delete by Admin
    • Document Sharing
    • More voluminous voice calls

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called Communities, allowing users to bring together disparate groups under a single roof. This WhatsApp Communities feature has been making rounds of the internet for quite some time now. Now, it’s finally official! The messaging platform, which Meta owns, has also introduced four new group capabilities, including admin deletion, phone calls, message responses, and massive file sharing, among others.

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The Launch Of WhatsApp Communities Feature

WhatsApp Communities Feature Key Interface And First Look

In an official blog post, the business said that WhatsApp Communities feature would enable users to “get updates distributed to the whole Community and simply establish smaller discussion groups on important topics”. In addition, administrators will also benefit from additional capabilities, such as the ability to send announcement messages to everyone and regulate which groups may be there.

Moreover, the messaging platform hopes to make it easier for schools and other community groups to gather everyone together under one roof so that there is no communication gap.

For example, it was highlighted in a blog post by the messaging platform that, “we believe Communities would make it simpler for a school principal to gather all of the parents of the school together to discuss must-read notifications and build up groups regarding certain subjects, extracurricular activities, or volunteer needs.”

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WhatsApp Groups Now Have New Features

WhatsApp Communities Feature Key Features

There are four new capabilities for groups that WhatsApp is introducing: group responses, admin removal; file-sharing; and group voice calls in big groups. In other words, these are what the new WhatsApp Communities feature brings to the table.

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WhatsApp will soon include emoji responses, allowing users to easily express their opinions without overwhelming other users with new messages. At the moment, one must submit a message to answer someone else in the group.

Delete by Admin

WhatsApp Communities feature update will allow group administrators to erase incorrect or problematic messages from all of their members’ conversations.

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Document Sharing

In addition, the messaging platform is expanding file-sharing capabilities to accommodate files up to 2 terabytes in size, allowing participants to more easily collaborate on a project.

More voluminous voice calls

WhatsApp has already increased the number of participants in group calls from four to eight. In addition, according to the organisation, voice calling is now available for up to 32 members at a time. WhatsApp has also revamped the user interface for making audio calls with the incoming WhatsApp Communities feature update.

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When it comes to availability, WhatsApp says that these features would be “rolling out in the next weeks so that users can start testing them out even before Communities are fully functional”. These enhancements will be for beta users first and then the general public in a stable version.


Highlights of the Story

  • WhatsApp has announced the Communities feature, which will allow users to mix different groups under a single roof.
  • Emoji replies for groups are now available on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp will give group administrators the ability to delete messages that are deemed inappropriate.

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