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Why Apple Asked For More iPhone 16 Battery Production In India?

- Updated: 21st Jan 2024, 17:28 IST
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    What Is The Reaseon Behind iPhone 16 Battery Production In India?
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    USA And China Supramacy Tension

Apple is reportedly betting on India to develop the Apple iPhone 16 battery production. So, the next generation of iPhones, potentially hurting China’s manufacturing capacity. Tech giants want to make batteries for their devices in India to low dependence on China. In recent years, Apple has shifted its focus to India and is looking to expand its partnerships with plans to produce iPhone 16 batteries there.

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What Is The Reaseon Behind iPhone 16 Battery Production In India?

Apple has reportedly asked suppliers to prioritise manufacturing iPhone 16 batteries in India to take out dependence on China. China is Apple’s largest manufacturing and supply chain country, but India is taking a lot of business from China. This change is occurring as several risk factors have come to light in the wake of COVID-19.

Apple iPhone 16

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Battery manufacturers, including China’s Dessay, are reportedly being encouraged to set up new factories in India. Additionally, a Taiwanese battery supplier to Apple, Simpro Technology Co, Ltd., has been asked. They expand their manufacturing capacity in India to meet future orders, the report said.

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar announced on December 4. The Japanese electronic component manufacturer TDK will manufacture lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells for Apple’s iPhone in India.

USA And China Supramacy Tension

Apple also has business and ideological reasons for pulling out of China, including the U.S.A-China technology cold war. Uncertainty and production issues during the pandemic, and questionable working conditions for Chinese workers.

USA vs China flag

Furthermore, at a time when China and the United States are engaged in a global political wrangle for superiority. So, relying too heavily on China for the majority of operations could disrupt Apple’s management.

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Additionally, Apple’s reputation has been called into question due to the company’s stance on the decline of human rights there. iPhone makers are currently in a difficult situation where they must comply with local laws, even if they go against their values.

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