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X Announces New Basic And Premium+ Subscription Plans

- Updated: 30th Oct 2023, 10:12 IST
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    X New Basic Plan: Price & Perks
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    X Premium+: Benefits And Price

Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) has announced two new subscription plans for its users. The Elon Musk-owned company launched two new plans called Basic and Premium+, each catering to a different set of users. The former is a cheaper and more affordable plan, while the latter is an expensive plan for those looking to have an ad-free experience.

X New Basic Plan: Price & Perks

Twitter X New Subscription Plans

The most affordable plan from X, called “Basic”, has an annual price of Rs.2,590 and a monthly price of Rs.244 per month.

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This new X basic subscription plan will allow you to edit your tweets, boost your replies, and post longer tweets (up to 4,000 characters) and extended videos up to 20 minutes. Furthermore, you can also get two-factor authentication support, encrypted direct messages, and the ability to hide likes and subscriptions.

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However, you will still see ads in your timeline, and it won’t offer the coveted blue checkmark. Moreover, there is no access to the creator’s analytics in this plan. It is available for purchase both on the web and mobile versions of the platform.

X Premium+: Benefits And Price

The social media platform X also unveiled a new Premium+ subscription plan promising an “enhanced experience”. The Premium Plan+ plan costs Rs.13,600 annually or Rs.1,300 monthly.

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The new X subscription plan allows you to edit posts, post longer videos (up to 20 minutes), undo posts, access reader mode and play videos in the background.

Furthermore, you also enjoy an ad-free experience, download videos, and get the largest boost in replies. With this plan, you will no longer see ads in the “Following” and “For You” sections.

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The new Premium+ plan also provides access to the Creator Hub, allowing you to monetise your tweet and earn via creator subscriptions and revenue for each tweet you post.

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You also get access to X Pro, Media Studio, and Analytics on the web version of X. There is also enhanced security with SMS two-factor authentication, encrypted direct messages, verified blue checkmarks and ID verification.

The previously launched Premium X subscription plan is also available for users at an annual price of Rs.6,800 per year or Rs.650 per month. It offers similar features to Premium+, except you will still see ads in “For You” and “Following” and won’t have access to the largest reply boost feature.

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Highlights of the Story

  • X (Formerly Twitter) has announced two new subscription plans: Basic and Premium+.
  • The Basic plan starts at Rs.244 per month or Rs.2,590 monthly, while the Premium+ plan has a price of Rs.1,300 per month or Rs.13,600 yearly.
  • The basic plan does not provide the blue checkmark, while the Premium+ plan offers an ad-free experience.