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OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T | What Has Changed And Should You Really Upgrade?


The OnePlus 8T was a huge hit, and the new OnePlus 9 smartphone is following in its footsteps. The new OnePlus 9 comes with a slew of new features that make them appealing to a wide range of users. The OnePlus 9 has an improved camera in partnership with Hasselblad and a newer processor, this makes it quite an upgrade over the OnePlus 8T.

By Tech Geek - 
25th Apr 2021
OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T | What Has Change, Should You Really Upgrade?

Highlights of the Story

  • OnePlus smartphones are known for providing the best possible value for the money.
  • They are a common option for many users because they provide the right combination of performance, price, and build quality
  • The OnePlus 9 offers an enhanced camera and slightly improved performance over the OnePlus 8T.

Recently OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 9 series replacing the last-gen OnePlus 8T smartphone which was a mid-cycle refresh for the OnePlus 8 series. The OnePlus 9 although being about 20% pricier than the OnePlus 8T, features a few improvements and upgrades in performance, design, and camera optics.

While the OnePlus 9 smartphone offers a few improvements over the previous year’s OnePlus 8T, the question of whether users must upgrade to the latest model or stick with their current OnePlus 8T smartphone? Let’s find out.

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Hardware: OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T

It’s difficult to say what the big differences between the two smartphones are without comparing them side by side; the specifications just reveal minor differences in the display and battery. Although the processor and storage have both been upgraded, the difference in real-world use is difficult to notice.

Snapdragon 888
OnePlus 8TOnePlus 9
Size6.55 inches6.55 inches
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 865Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
Storage128/256GB/UFS 3.1128/256GB/UFS 3.1

The new Snapdragon 888 on the OnePlus 9 is much improved over the Snapdragon 865 on the OnePlus 8T. But both the processors are flagship-grade and in real life, you won’t notice much of a difference.

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Software: OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus brand is well-known for providing timely software updates to all existing devices for at least three years. Both smartphones were released with Android 11 and are expected to be supported for the same amount of time. While the OnePlus 8T is a year older than the OnePlus 9, it should receive the same number of updates.

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Oxygen OS on Oneplus 9

Both the devices will likely receive updates up to Android 14 and this should be enough time for most users to upgrade to a new smartphone anyway.  OnePlus has a history of providing good software updates, and although the pace has slowed in recent years, they have still arrived. The OnePlus 9 smartphone also features an improved Zen Mode 2.0 as well as a dedicated Dark Mode toggle.

Apart from minor changes, the software experience on both devices is exactly the same as both of these are running the same version of Oxygen OS and should have a similar upgrade cycle in the future.

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Battery: OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T

There is absolutely no difference in the capacities of the batteries, both the OnePlus 8T and the OnePlus 9 come with a 4,500mAh battery which lasts easily through the day. There is a minor upgrade and it brings in a few key improvements and a long-overdue battery upgrade.

OnePlus 8T

Last year the OnePlus 8T had a major improvement in terms of battery charging technology and was updated to 65W all thanks to a dual-cell battery design that allows the device to take on twice as much charge as before and offers a massive boost in the charging speed. And same technology has been implemented in OnePlus 9 as well and there is literally no difference in battery performance in both devices.

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Cameras: OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8t camera

The OnePlus 9 series’ camera sensors have improved significantly; although the predecessor had a 48MP main sensor, it didn’t have the same punch as other smartphones in the same league. The OnePlus 9 smartphone includes a Hasselblad optimizedcamera, and the two companies’ ongoing collaboration could result in some of the best smartphone cameras.

OnePlus 9 Camera

Given the huge bump with a 50MP ultra-wide lens and an improved main camera, the rivalry between the two OnePlus smartphones isn’t particularly reasonable. The OnePlus smartphones’ greatest flaw was camera tuning and post-processing on the OnePlus 8T, but the OnePlus 9 now features Hasselblad’s Pro Color tuning. And these new improvements have improved the camera performance a lot and have made the OnePlus 9 as one of the best camera smartphones.

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The selfies should be very similar as they both come with the same sensor and the changes are only on the software end.

OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T | Should You Upgrade?

As for most smartphone refreshes, the improvements are likely to be minor and gradual. However, the OnePlus 9 differs from its predecessor in many ways, the most notable of which are the camera optics and the new Snapdragon 888 processor.

If you are pleased with the OnePlus 8T, it might be worth holding for a little longer, as with any device that is just 6 months old. The OnePlus 9 smartphone comes with some major updates, and if you have an older OnePlus smartphone, it is a very worthwhile upgrade.

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