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    OnePlus Nord Users Complain About Screen Tinting Issues


    OnePlus’s budget offering smartphone, Nord, users are reporting some issues regarding tinting.

    By Susshmita Choubey - 
    30th Jul 2020
    OnePlus Nord

    Highlights of the Story

    • OnePlus Nord users are reporting screen tints at low brightness levels.
    • The company says its a hardware issue.
    • It appeared in OnePlus 8 Pro models too.

    As is the trend with every launch of a smartphone, issues regarding them arise. It is now happening with OnePlus Nord. Similarly, Nord seems to have display issues according to users.

    According to the reports, the early adopters of the Nord are complaining about multiple display issues. In which, the most common is tinting of the screen. However, it is a problem for users who use it in a dimly lit room.

    As per 9to5Google, users on the official OnePlus forum and Reddit are reporting of these color tints at low brightness levels. Most of the users are complaining of green, purple, or yellow screen tints. Meanwhile, the display brightness dips below 25%, the darker portions of the display exhibit color cast or colored tinting towards the lower half.

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    However, OnePlus states “under specific circumstances of low brightness, slight discoloration may occur due to the properties of the AMOLED display – this is characteristic of all OLED displays, and the degree of discoloration will vary depending on other properties of the display. This is not a quality issue and will not affect daily usage or the durability of the screen. OnePlus will continue to look into cutting-edge display technologies and strive to deliver the best user experience possible.”

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    Display issues: Not the first time

    Likewise, it happened in 2019 too, with the OnePlus 8 series models. The issue of screen tinting was also found then. But, it was later addressed through OTA update.

    Along with that came, a black-crush problem, which is characterized by blocks of different shades of black when a pure black image is displayed on the screen. This the company claimed was a hardware issue and cannot be rectified by a software update. The company gave a solution in the form of repair, refund or replacement for their devices.

    In the same vein, Screen tinting at low brightness is common on OLED screens, regardless of the phone or display manufacturer. This is happening to many manufacturers in the market still. But this looks like a consistent problem by OnePlus now.

    However, the company has addressed its issues very quickly and promptly as always via their forum.

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    The Nord’s screen is better than you’d expect for the price between its 90Hz refresh rate and a quick in-display fingerprint reader, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of limitations.

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