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5 Popular AI Robots That Stunned The Globe!


Wanting to know about the popular AI robots in the market currently? This list of the best AI humanoid robots will help you enhance your knowledge of the latest models!

- Updated: 2nd Apr 2023, 06:43 IST
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    Popular AI Robots You Should Know Of
    • 1. Geminoid DK
    • 2. Sophia
    • 3. Jia Jia
    • 4. Kime
    • 5. Nadine
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    Synopsis: Popular AI Robots

In today’s time, would it be practically possible for you to imagine the robot like you used to earlier? For most people, the robot was more of a machine that spoke in an electronic voice, looked mostly like a machine, and could only perform a task that was already fed into it. Time has progressed ever since. Here, in this article, we read in detail about the five popular AI robots that stunned the globe.

Robots today are made to resemble more like humans. By this it is important to understand how this is achieved. Being soft-spoken, giving answers that sound humanely in the ears, giving that extra human touch through empathetic tones, and being more informative than what has been fed, are what make the machines into human robots. Popularly known as humanoid robots, they are emerging popular in different fields like medicine, telecommunication, customer support, restaurant, and more.

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Here are some of the popular AI humanoid robots that you should definitely know of!

1. Geminoid DK

One of the popular AI robots in the list has to be Geminoid DK, a male robot among the series of female models that have been launched to date. It is the first AI robot in Japan that is modelled on the lines of non-Japanese. Geminoid DK replicates the look of Danish professor Henrik Scharfe and is the third in a series of Geminoid robots launched by the makers since 2006. Scharfe has been using the Android robot to learn and research more on human-robot interaction.

Year of Launch2011
Created By Osaka University
Famous For-Performs automatic blinking and breathing activity
-Silicone skin and artificial hair for wig
About Sophia

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2. Sophia

Definitely among the popular and top lists of AI robots that stunned people around the world is Sophia. If you feel Sophia is just a robot, you might be at crossroads with the makers of the amazing humanoid who have instilled the feeling of empathy, softness, and feeling of love for fellow human beings into her. Even though she can mostly answer easy questions and fill in for simpler conversations, she has been trained to fulfil multiple functions like elder care, nursing, customer service, education, and more.

Well, FYI, Sophia is the first AI robot in the world that received legal citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Year of Launch2016
Created By Hanson Robotics
CountryHong Kong
Famous For-Can chat and give emotional reactions on the line of human
-The source code is 70 per cent of open source
About Sophia

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3. Jia Jia

The perfectly personating Chinese robot Jia Jia has made headlines since its launch for the striking similarities between her and humans. However, the outstanding fact about Jia Jia was how beautifully the lips and speech were synced together, which made it seem completely real. The makers are trying to make the humanoid robot even more expressive by giving her a top-up in version two where she can be expected to cry as well as laugh too!

Year of Launch2022
Created By University of Science and Technology
Famous For-Can chat with human beings just like humans
-Uncanny resemblance to the human being
About Jia Jia

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4. Kime

Ever imagined an AI robot serving food and beverage to the consumer? Well, Kime has been programmed to serve people by aligning glasses and providing drinks to them in the best possible method. Frankly speaking, Kime does not have that full human vibe as it operates on a neck and torso with operating arms. However, it does the job perfectly.

Pouring a beer into the glass requires perfection, and Kime does that perfectly by introducing subtlety into the job. Yes, it’s one that has made itself on the popular AI robots list!

Year of Launch2019
Created By Macco Robotics
Famous For-Serving food and beverages to people
-Can pour one beer in 23 seconds
About Kime

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5. Nadine

With 27+ facial expressions and movements in the upper body, Nadine is one of the popular AI robots that has replicated its actions and gestures completely like humans. Known to interact frankly with people she has met before, Nadine has been seen as quite useful for people who need special assistance. Talking to people, telling them stories, and putting them on video calls, are some of the tasks that she manages.

She has been the first humanoid robot in the world that got employed as a customer service agent at AIA Insurance Company in Singapore.

Year of Launch2013
Created By Kokoro
Software developed at the Institute for Media Innovation in Singapore
Famous For-Remembering facts and talks from the people she met previously
-Human replication in gestures
About Nadine

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Synopsis: Popular AI Robots

Social media pages are filled with videos of many humanoid robots and their real-time interaction with people globally. If you follow some of the technology-specific pages on the Internet, they might be a common occurrence to you. However, there has been one famous viral video making rounds on the Internet about a restaurant serving food to clients via AI humanoid robots. Knowing the list of popular AI robots might be a bit newer to you, but this list is soon to expand, considering the new possibilities and AI robot’s application in real life.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Humanoid robots are the evolution of the 21st century that brings in a great leap from the machine looks imparted to them.
  • Nowadays, their resemblance to human beings is uncanny, and some of them behave the same as living objects.
  • Here are some of the popular AI robots that you should know of.