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    PUBG Mobile’s New Challenge: Win A Chicken Dinner In 15 Minutes


    Tencent Games recently initiated a new trend of PUBG Mobile Challenges to Win A Chicken Dinner within 15 minutes. The trend started on twitter and charts top in the task list of any gaming enthusiast.

    By Narender Kumar | 
    Updated: 9th Jul 2020 22:03 IST
    pubg mobile chicken dinner challenge

    Highlights of the Story

    1. PUBG Mobile Challenges to Win A Chicken Dinner within 15 minutes trend started on Twitter and will be live till July 28.
    2. Devs asked the users to share their recorded video on PUBG Mobile exclusive map – Livik.
    3. PUBG Mobile Challenges get accomplished when users post the video on social media and tag 3 friends + use #ChickenDinnerIn15Mins and #PUBGM.

    Tencent Games has recently come up with a refreshing idea for the ultimate gaming enthusiast. PUBG Mobile challenge to win a Chicken Dinner is a new trend set by Tencent Games. It is a dare where devs have asked the gamers to share their video of chicken dinner won in exactly 15 minutes. 

    This challenge is now on and will be live till July 28. 

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    Steps to enter PUBG Mobile Challenge to Win A Chicken Dinner

    • Play on PUBG Mobile exclusive map Livik and record a video of the win and result screen. 
    • Post the same video on social media and tag 3 friends. Also, don’t forget to use #ChickenDinnerIn15Mins and #PUBGM.
    • The video also needs to be uploaded on a link available on Tencent Game’s website.

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    The “new” in PUBG Mobile

    The next Royale Pass S14 – Spark the Flame will be available for all from July 14. Users can update the game in between July 7 and July 13 to get 2,888 BP, AGx100, and a Nightmare Helmet(3d). The Royale Pass will bring the Livik map to the game as well.

    This Nordic Livik map measures 2Km x 2Km, with 52 players and 15 minutes match time limit. The map has to offer exclusive firearms which stands totally out of the box. Firearms include P90 SMG, Mk 12 marksman rifle. Also, there is a map specific monster truck available in addition to all the above ammunitions. 

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    PUBG Mobile Challenges: Prizes and Awards

    The top three best performing players will get an Extreme Climber Set (15d) whereas the latter ranking players up to the 10th ranker will be awarded Alpine Climber Set (15d). In case you are playing SOLO then you would get an assured prize but in a team, only one out of all will get it. 

    In a scenario where multiple teams land into a tie situation, the tie-breaker will be the number of kills by every team. 

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    The challenge has really brought a wave of exhilaration inside the PUBG Mobile gamers and let us see how far the challenge will go.


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