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    Realme GT 2 5G Review – Most Refined Flagship Killer Under 35000

    By Ritik - 
    Updated: 24th May 2022 13:28 IST

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      Review Summary
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      Realme GT 2 5G Review
    • 3
      Realme GT 2 5G Price in India and Variants
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      Box Contents
    • 5
      Specs at a glance
    • 6
      Realme GT 2 5G Design and Build
    • 7
      Realme GT 2 5G Camera
    • 8
      Realme GT 2 5G Battery and Charging
    • 9
      Realme GT 2 5G Display
    • 10
      Realme GT 2 5G Performance
    • 11
      Realme GT 2 5G Software and UI
    • 12
      Realme GT 2 5G Audio, Connectivity, Biometrics
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    Realme GT 2 5G Review
    Review Summary

    Realme has launched another flagship smartphone in India that comes with an aggressive price. The Realme GT 2 5G is the new offering from the company, starting from Rs. 34,999 and packs a lot for its price tag.

    The GT 2 5G uses Snapdragon 888, which is older than the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen1. In addition to that, it features high-quality cameras, an improved battery backup, and a sleek and stylish look.

    Having said that, the phone does come with a few drawbacks, which we will discuss later in this review. So let’s start with the Realme GT 2 5G review and find out what all the phone has to offer.

    • Bright 120Hz AMOLED screen
    • Powerful performance
    • Super 65W fast charging
    • Excellent primary camera
    • Great design
    • No IP rating
    • Lots of pre-installed apps
    • No headphone jack
    Key Specs
    Battery Capacity
    Battery Capacity
    5000 mAh
    Operating System
    Operating System
    Android v12
    Screen Size
    Screen Size
    6.62 inches
    • 5000 mAh
    • Android v12
    • 6.62 inches
    Realme GT 2 5G Review

    The Realme GT 2 5G is a solid phone since it has all of the features that a flagship phone should have, like high-quality cameras, stereo speaker setup, and a stunning 120Hz AMOLED display. Besides the quick charging speeds, its interesting design and comfortable grip make it an excellent choice.

    To finish things up, the smartphone has a few features carried over from the Realme GT of last year, as well as a few new upgrades to the hardware.

    However, in order to keep the price of the phone down, Realme has had to make a few compromises here and there. Let’s look more closely at what Realme GT 2 5G has to offer in this detailed review.

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    Realme GT 2 5G Price in India and Variants

    The Realme GT 2 5G is available in two RAM/storage configurations: 8 GB + 128 GB and 12 GB + 256 GB. The 8GB+128GB variant costs Rs 34,999, while the 12GB+256GB model costs Rs 38,999 in India.

    There are three colour options to choose from: Steel Black, Paper Green, and Paper White. The GT 2 will go on sale on April 28 via Realme’s official website and Flipkart.

    Realme GT 2 5G Price in India and Variants

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    Box Contents

    The flagship offering from Realme packs the following items inside the box:

    • Realme GT 2 5G
    • 65W Adapter
    • Type-C USB Cable
    • Quick Guide
    • Sim Card Tool
    • Screen Protect Film
    • Case

    Realme GT 2 Box Contents

    Specs at a glance

    Before we talk in detail about the Realme GT 2 5G, let’s see what the on-paper specs look like:

    • Display: 6.62 inches AMOLED
    • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
    • RAM & ROM: 8GB RAM 128GB Storage, 12GB RAM 256GB Storage
    • Software: Android v12
    • Rear camera: 50MP + 8MP + 2MP
    • Selfie camera: 16MP
    • Battery: 5000 mAh
    • Weight: 194.5 grams
    • Dimensions: 162.9 x 75.8 x 8.6 mm

    Realme GT2 Specs at a glance

    Realme GT 2 5G Design and Build

    The body of the Realme GT 2 5G is made out of biopolymer materials, which are obtained from materials like paper pulp. I love this aspect of Realme GT 2 5G, which manages to be stylish while still being kind to the environment.

    Aside from their slightly different sizes and weights, the Realme GT 2 and Realme GT 2 Pro have almost identical chassis.

    I’ll be reviewing the Steel Black variant of the phone, but it also comes in Paper White and Paper Green. The overall look is sleek, however, I found the phone to be somewhat big. This makes it hard to use with just one hand. Aside from that, the phone also feels quite heavy in my hands.

    Realme GT 2 5G Design

    What I really liked about the phone is that it didn’t attract any fingerprints or smudges. The camera module on the back protrudes and hence the phone wobbles when placed on a flat surface.

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    The frame made of silver plastic hides the material really well from which it is built. As far as I could see, it looks and feels exactly like metal. Regardless, the GT 2 is a strong and well-built phone, but there are lighter and smaller smartphones out there if you’re seeking a more compact device.

    Realme GT 2 5G frame

    The right of the phone has a power button while the left has volume keys in the middle. The found the placement of both the keys to be perfect for my hands. The bottom side has a type-C port, sim card slot and the primary speaker.

    Realme GT 2 5G bottom

    It’s a bummer that there isn’t a headphone jack since there’s room for one, and Realme sadly didn’t include any sort of IP dust- and waterproof protection on the device.

    Realme GT 2 5G Camera

    Talking about the camera, the Relme GT 2 has a triple camera layout on the back. It includes a 50MP Sony IMX766 primary sensor with OIS, an 8MP ultra-wide sensor and a 2MP macro sensor. On the front, you get a 16MP selfie camera.

    It’s simple to see why this Sony sensor is so popular with smartphone manufacturers. It has good low-light performance and a good optical image stabilisation (OIS) system, making it a fantastic choice for flawless video recording.

    Realme GT 2 5G Camera

    Realme has implemented ProLight imaging technology inside the phone, which results in photos that are sharper and have lower levels of noise.

    The primary camera is capable of capturing beautiful images in almost any condition due to its blend of a high-quality sensor, an excellent ISP, and effective software processing. There is a lot of detail in the images, although they are a tad oversharpened.

    The camera has a dedicated night mode which takes about two seconds to take a photo, but even the regular and 50MP modes can deliver fantastic results.

    Realme GT 2 5G Camera modes

    Given that the ultrawide is just 8MP, there is an expected reduction in quality. The colours look dull, and as soon as there is even a little reduction in the amount of ambient light, noise begins to become more noticeable.

    Macro photography is once again handled by the 2MP macro sensor. Moving things are nearly impossible to capture with this camera’s fixed 4cm focal distance and lack of autofocus. The contrast is low and the colours are faded out.

    The selfie camera of the Realme GT 2 is quite good. It’s a great camera for taking selfies, and it does a nice job with portrait mode when the lighting is ideal.

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    The Realme GT 2 5G camera app also comes with a variety of other features, such as Street mode, Night mode, Bokeh, Ultra Macro, and so on.

    Realme GT 2 5G video recording

    The GT 2 is capable of shooting stabilised video at up to 4K quality at 60 fps. The video is clean and the movement is smooth.

    Realme GT 2 5G Battery and Charging

    This segment is one of the best things about the Realme GT 2. For starters, the phone packs a big 5000mAh battery which means it can last a long time. Casual users can expect the phone to last around two days with light use.

    Realme GT 2 5G Battery

    I played Apex Legends Mobile on the phone for half an hour and the phone dropped about 8 per cent. Heavy users would need to charge the phone twice a day.

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    There is a GT mode that pushes the boundaries of the phone but drains the battery quickly. But this shouldn’t be a problem considering the phone comes with 65W fast charging technology.

    Realme GT2 GT mode

    The phone can charge up to 50 per cent in just about 15 minutes. The 65W fast charger can fully charge the phone from 0 to 100 per cent in about 40 minutes.

    Realme GT 2 5G Battery charger

    Realme GT 2 5G Display

    The Realme GT 2 sports a 6.62-inch Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The display has a 2400 x 1080 pixel resolution with a 100 per cent P3 colour gamut and a peak brightness of 1300 nits. I found the display to be bright enough for outdoor use.

    Realme GT 2 5G Display

    It’s possible to increase the brightness of the display when watching HDR content by switching on the feature called “Bright HDR video mode”. The bezels that surround the display are relatively thin, which results in a wide viewing experience.

    It’s vivid and responsive, and I don’t have any issues with it at all. Once again, the fingerprint sensor is built right into the display and works great for me.

    Realme GT 2 5G Display colours

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    Coming back to the refresh rate, you have three options in the settings: you can manually set it to 120Hz or 60Hz or let the phone decide between 60 and 120Hz based on the app you’re using at any given time. The device caters to gamers by providing a touch sampling rate of 1,000Hz, which is a bit excessive in my opinion.

    Realme GT 2 5G Display refresh rate

    Overall, the GT 2 5G delivers an excellent flagship display experience, which is both fluid and immersive.

    Realme GT 2 5G Performance

    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset powers the Realme GT 2 5G which is enough to fuel it for all the heavy tasks out there. It is paired with up to 12GB of LDDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage.

    On top of this, the RAM can further be expanded up to another 7GB using internal storage. That implies you could have a whopping 19GB of RAM on this, which is just absurdly big.

    Realme GT 2 5G Ram expansion

    The app loading time was quick and switching between them was smooth. The Realme phone doesn’t let you down whether you’re recording in 4K, watching HD movies, multitasking or even playing demanding games. I did not notice even a single lag or shutter while using the phone and running multiple apps at once.

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    I tried out a couple of graphics demanding games including BGMI, COD: Mobile, Asphalt 9 and the all-new Apex Legends Mobile. All the games ran super smooth without showing any signs of lags or jitters.

    Realme GT 2 5G BGMI Performance

    BGMI maxed out to Ultra HD graphics with Ultra frame rates.

    Realme GT 2 5G Apex Legends Performance

    Apex Legends Mobile could go up to ExtremeHD graphics with Ultra frame rates. The gameplay was smooth and I hardly noticed any lags at the maximum settings.

    You will find a GT mode that can boost the phone performance but it drains the battery faster.

    Realme GT 2 5G GT mode

    Realme also added a Vapor Cooling System Plus, which is 30% bigger than the one in its predecessor. This prevents the phone from overheating, even if it is running a lot of apps or intensive apps.

    One thing I noticed is that the phone gets warm after gaming on max settings which is normal for such flagship devices. The good thing is that the Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling System Plus keeps the device temperature in control and keeps the gaming going.

    Realme GT 2 5G Software and UI

    The Realme GT 2 has Android 12 and the most recent Realme UI 3.0 skin, so it’s up to date. The 120Hz display makes the overall UI experience pretty smooth.

    Realme GT 2 5G Software

    It also makes some great adjustments, such as tweaking the icon design, and it adds a Smart Sidebar, which lets you access your selected apps or features at any point of time.

    Swiping down from the Home screen launches the so-called global search by default, but you can change this preference under the notification shade.

    You also get the options for customising the Always-on display. If you like, you can change the settings to suit your tastes, or you can go with the defaults. You can also play music to both wired and Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

    Realme GT 2 5G Always on display

    An integrated heart rate monitor is also included, which appears to be rather accurate.

    Realme GT 2 5G Heart rate monitor

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    The amount of bloatware and their spam notifications make me go crazy sometimes. It comes with third-party apps like ShareChat, Moj, MX TakaTak, Dailyhunt, Josh and more. I would recommend you uninstall these apps as soon as you hold your phone before it starts to spoil your experience.

    Realme GT 2 5G Bloatware

    With the GT 2, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest version of Android for at least three years, which will take you to Android 15. Overall, the Realme UI 3.0 seems to run smoothly, comes with a few new features, and maintains the same UI style as the previous version of the software.

    Realme GT 2 5G Audio, Connectivity, Biometrics

    The phone comes with a stereo speakers setup, with one speaker on the bottom and the other on the top of the display. The sound quality is pretty good for the price, and music lovers are sure to like it since it has Dolby Atmos as well as a Hi-res certification.

    However, there is one thing that is missing, and that is a 3.5mm audio jack. Considering the size of the phone, Realme could have easily fit the jack somewhere but anyhow didn’t choose to.

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    The Realme GT 2 supports Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth v5.2, and 5G as connectivity options. It supports the following 5G bands: n1, n3, n5, n8, n28A, n41, n77, and n78.

    Finally, let’s discuss the fingerprint reader. The phone uses an in-display fingerprint sensor and is fast, accurate and reliable.

    Realme GT2 fingerprint reader


    The GT 2 shows that Realme is using all of its areas of strength. I can assure you that you will absolutely love using this terrific flagship killer. The smartphone fulfilled most of my expectations, and I particularly like using its cameras and display.

    Additionally, the general performance of the processor and the battery are both excellent. There is a lack of a headphone jack, and there are some third-party apps, but these are minor complaints.

    Disappointing aspects include the lack of waterproofing, no wireless charging, and the basic macro and ultrawide lenses.

    All in all, the Realme GT 2 has a strong processor, and I would suggest it to anyone seeking a flagship performance-oriented phone in this price range.

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