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Rumors: iPhone 13 Might Not Have Any Ports At All


Apple is working on a portless iPhone 13, and it’s looking increasingly like at least one model will be like that.

- Updated: 26th Nov 2020, 15:49 IST

After the iPhone 12‘s launch, Apple is aiming to work on something a little more ambitious for next year. According to the latest leaks, the company has radical plans for its iPhone 13. Moreover, rumors are that it is going portless for its next design.

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This will make all the charging to data connections completely wireless. However, if not all, it will at least be a part of one model in the lineup.

According to tipster Jon Prosser, the company is busy building a next-gen iPhone 13 to only charge via MagSafe. This rumor comes from the tipster first on Twitter and then his YouTube show, Front Page Tech. This leak of the smartphones going portless is not the first time in the rumor cycle.

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However, he has said that Apple does not plan to turn all iPhone 13 next year into wireless ones. “MagSafe is the bridge between lightning and portless. It is also the way Apple can keep things somewhat proprietary without giving in to something as universal as USB-C”. Furthermore, he claims that this piece of information is coming from a rock-solid source.

The success of Apple’s MagSafe ensured that the opinion on wireless charging for the iPhone 13 is slowly starting to change. However, the problem with only MagSafe charging on the next-generation iPhone will be slow speed. As of now, MagSafe standard right now can only transfer 15W power to compatible iPhones at best.

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On the other hand, if the company wants to make the next iPhone 13 a wireless charging, it needs to improve the charging speeds for normal Qi-wireless-based charging pads. As of now, phones like this do exist in concept form, but no one has made one a reality. However, there is an issue in terms of lacking wired data connectivity.

In the landslide of rumors online, is iPhone 13 going portless true? As of now, the game is of waiting and watching for the phones.

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