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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Tips And Tricks


The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is a feature-packed smartphone directly coming down from the house of Samsung. It runs on OneUI 2.0 based on Android 10, and packs in a lot of great features that a general consumer doesn’t know about unless he dives deep into all the settings. To lift off all these hidden menus and options, here are a few Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Tips and Tricks for you to know about.

By Akhil Taneja - 
31st Mar 2020
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite tips and tricks

Highlights of the Story

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite runs on OneUI 2.0 based on Android 10
  • OneUI 2.0 is quite feature-packed and has a lot of hidden menus and options
  • Features like Separate App sounds and more are highly underrated

Samsung’s S10 Lite has been a huge hit in India and general consumers and Tech Geeks are quite impressed by Samsung using a Snapdragon Chipset on their smartphone for the first time in India. We also did compare it with the mighty OnePlus 7T smartphone, the smartphone that has been ruling the under Rs. 40,000 price bracket. 

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Coming back to the S10 Lite, it has a lot of features other than the camera and the recent updates with the OneUI, specifically with the OneUI 2.0 Update, which adds a lot many features and now it has a much more stock Android-ish look. 

Now, where some people ignore is, a lot of advanced features that are quite hidden inside various different options and one won’t notice is directly on a single-use.

And if you own one of the smartphones, as a consumer, you should definitely be knowing all about it and that’s what you’re here for today, So let’s get started.

#1 One-Handed Mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite One handed mode
Source: GuidingTech

The S10 Lite is not a small device in any sense and people with small hands might have some issues using the device single-handedly. Samsung is already very well aware of this and the OneUI comes with a One-Handed Mode, this optimizes the display for single-handed usage. To enable it:

  • Open Settings
  • Head over to Advanced Settings
  • Now select “One-Handed Mode”, and Toggle it ON.
  • Select One of the Two Options between Gesture or Buttons, and you are done.

Once enabled you will have two options/methods to trigger this, one is the Gestures with which you can swipe down in the centre at the bottom edge towards the bottom. This will enable the One-Handed mode by reducing the screen. The other method is a dedicated button at the bottom, this, when toggled, will reduce the screen size for one-handed mode. But in case you have the navigation gestures enabled in the navigation, you will only get the Gesture option to trigger the one-handed mode and the Dedicated Button option will be disabled automatically.

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#2 Dark Mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite dark mode
Source: AndroidCentral

Now moving on to one of the most awaited features, which is to turn on the dark mode and it’s one of the most requested features and the new OneUI 2.0 has it and it works absolutely great.

What dark mode does is, it just reverses the colour from a white background to a dark theme app for all the supported apps, mainly Samsung apps and all the Google apps are currently supported.

Even the system UI, settings and everything turns dark, This allows us to Save Battery and also causes less strain to the eyes. To enable it:

  • Open the Settings Application
  • Head Towards the Display Menu
  • Now Toggle the Dark mode Option.

You can either enable it forever or you can even schedule the dark mode, this way the dark mode will only turn on when the sun goes down.

Alternatively, though, there’s also a quick setting toggle for it if you fancy that kind of stuff. You can even enable the Adaptive colour filter, this filters the blue light from the screen to cause less strain to the eyes.

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#3 Always On Display

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite always on display
Source: AndroidResult

The Always-on Display (AOD) is one of the best features to have on a smartphone featuring an AMOLED display, and thus we have to turn it on on the S10 Lite as its great features and shows all your important notifications without even unlocking your smartphone. To turn it on:

  • Head over to the Settings Menu
  • Find the Menu stating “Lock Screen”
  • Now toggle the menu stating Always-On-Display.

Here though you can customize the theme of Always on Display you want along with various clock settings and more. 

Personally we like to keep it at Always On but if you want to use it to just check the notifications then “Tap to show” option is what you should definitely go for, as it will save some battery.

#4 Customize Power Button

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite power button
Source: GuidingTech

You can also customize the Power Button to perform various actions at a double press and long press. Here, you can customize the actions you want to perform at a different keypress. 

Personally we like to keep the double-tap action to open an app like Camera App for quickly taking pictures and the long press to launch Instagram because that’s what we use throughout the day. And in order to do that:

  • Open up Settings
  • The Move to, Advance Settings
  • Search and find the option “Side Key”.
  • Customize the Action for the Side Key from here.

Personally we like to keep the double-tap action to open an app like Camera App for quickly taking pictures and the long press to launch Instagram because that’s what we use throughout the day. 

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#5 Navigation Gestures

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Gestures
Source: GuidingTech

Another thing that you can customize on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is the navigation gestures. The normal three buttoned navigation buttons take up a lot of your space on the screen and as who doesn’t want to get a full-screen experience of this massive display. So users can replace those navigation buttons to gesture navigation.

To customize the navigation gestures:

  • Open up Settings
  • Head to  Display Settings
  • Scroll Down and open the “Navigation Bar” Menu.
  • Tap on “Full-Screen Gestures” to enable them and its done. 

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#6 Seperate App Sound

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite App Sounds
Image Source: GuidingTech

This is a great feature that we personally like and use it all the time. What it does is, it re-routes the app sound, i.e the sound from any particular selected app to your Bluetooth headphones, So, for example, you don’t need any notification sound to be heard on your Bluetooth headphones while you are playing PUBG Mobile, then you can configure it so not to happen.

To Enable Separate app sounds:

  • Open up Settings
  • Just go to “Sound and Vibration”
  • Search for  “Separate App Sound”, and then toggle the “Turn on Now” option
  • Now select the apps from the “App” option and here select the app that you want to route

So here select the application, in our case we choose PUBG Mobile from the list and then click on “Audio Device” option and select the source where you want to route the data. Here We selected the “Bluetooth Device” option. So in this scenario, only the audio from PUBG mobile app will be routed to the Bluetooth headset.

#7 Selfie in Screen Recording

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Screen Recording
Image Source: GuidingTech

This one is interesting, this allows users to record their videos from the front camera while screen recording. The latest version of OneUI comes with this feature, and to enable it just go to:

  • Open the Settings Menu
  • Move to Advanced Settings and select the menu stating: Screenshot and Screen Recorder” option now select the “Screen Recorder Settings” and here tap on the little photo icon at the bottom to adjust its size.

Now the next time you record your screen just tap on the selfie button in the quick menu that pops up on the screen when you start the screen recording, this will start capturing your front camera footage as well.

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#8 Multiple Face Unlock

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Face Unlock
Image Source: GuidingTech

This feature is unique and is never ever seen before,  With the new OneUI 2.0 on the Samsung S10 Lite, it features an option to add more than one face to unlock the device. This would really come in handy if you’re in a relationship and your partner needs to see your phone so they can register their own face. To enable it:

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Just head over to “Biometrics and Security”
  • Tap on “Face Recognition” and choose “Add alternative look” to register the second face 

These are a few Tips and Tricks that one could use with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite or possibly any other Samsung Smartphone running the latest version of OneUI 2.0.


Galaxy S10 Lite Review

The phone has discarded many of the features that people nowadays look forward to on a flagship smartphone. Even though there is no IP rating for water resistance, fast charging facility, headphone jack, telephoto lens and no audio enhancement for speakers, the phone does come with an efficient processor, an Infinity-O display, excellent HDR video quality and 4K resolution, capability of multitasking and a monster battery assuring good performance.Within a decent price, it is available in an amazing design with a slim appearance despite the big battery and has a glossy plastic panel termed glastic at the back which further makes it attractive. The phone is strong and fits your hand perfectly. One of the prominent features of this model is its battery that can last for about two days. It has a built-in screen recorder and enables many navigation gestures. Gaming becomes more simplified with the presence of a Game Launcher which is used for putting together all your games under one area. The phone does become a little hot after half an hour of gaming but it is still manageable. There are no lags while running the heavy apps or games. The fingerprint sensor isn’t quick but precise. The punch hole camera works nice when it comes to shooting in broad daylight but not quite so in low-light. You might also want to check out the bokeh effect which we found quite cool.


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