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Should You Buy OnePlus 9R in 2022? 5 Reasons to BUY OnePlus 9R at Rs 36,999


We are going to talk about the 5 reasons why you should buy the OnePlus 9R in 2022 at an effective price of Rs 36,999.

- Updated: 9th Jan 2023, 02:46 IST

If we’ve to choose any smartphone that we have loved reviewing for you guys this year, then it has to be the OnePlus 9R. So many comparisons, detailed videos we made for you guys had the beloved 9R in them.  And we promise this is our last OnePlus 9R video.

Today, in this video, we are going to talk about the reason why you should buy the OnePlus 9R in 2022 at an effective price of Rs 36,999. And no, we have not included any Cashify exchange pricing here. Nor its price for refurbished phones. Without further ado, let’s talk about the 5 reasons to buy the OnePlus 9R in 2022. 

  1. Sturdy Design – Aluminium Frame 

OnePlus has given us a 9R in Aluminium Frame which can be noticed when you see the signal bands on the edges. Unlike its OnePlus 9, which doesn’t come with a metal body design. That’s where 9R takes advantage by offering a Sturdy Design. You will just love how premium it feels to hold the 9R. It has got a solid grip and absolutely elegant design and all the elements you want on an android flagship smartphone as far as design sense is concerned. 

  1. Reliable Performance – No Overheating 

Snapdragon 870 powered OnePlus 9R gives you a reliable performance that most Snapdragon 888 smartphones couldn’t provide this year. And taking that reliability to the next year, 9R is still going to be one of the most reliable performers in terms of daily usage, casual gaming, video calls, and even binge-watching tv shows. 

  1. Satisfactory Cameras – Natural Colours 

I’m a Sucker for natural colours in my photographs. If you’re the same, you’re going to love it. You could even install the Gcam on 9R as we did in one of our videos. I just know that you are going to love the camera performance offered by this OnePlus phone. Check out some camera samples and I’ll give the link to our 9R camera Comparisons in the description below. 

  1. Remarkable Display – Brilliant Colour Accuracy

I was talking about binge-watching TV shows on this phone. Well, this full HD+ AMOLED display is just Remarkable in terms of brightness levels thus giving you great experience even in the harshest of sunlight. I hope you can also enjoy watching on Netflix now that Jeb reduced the pricing for their plans. I just wish they introduce affordable annual plans asap. I know it’s off-topic but comment below if you want the annual Netflix plans. So you could enjoy Netflix all year one your OnePlus 9R. Because I believe 9R can survive and compete in 2022 with all the upcoming flagships.

  1. Full Day’s Battery – Exceptional Charging Speed 

The final reason I will give you is that its battery life is excellent. It can give you more than 7 hours of screen-on time and promises faster-charging speeds than most flagship smartphones in this price range. 

Now you should let us know what do you think of these reasons and would you go and buy the OnePlus 9R at this price in India? Come into the comment section, let’s talk. 


narayan thapa

2 Year ago
How to purchase oneplus 9r for emi in cashify

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