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7 Best Covid-19 Home Test Kits To Buy With App Support


Now, no need to go out for an antigen test, just get any one of these best Covid-19 home test kits and you’re good to go. Check out now!

- Updated: 29th Apr 2022, 14:51 IST
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    Best Covid-19 Home Testing Kits
    • 1. CoviFind Antigen test kit
    • 2. PanBio Covid-19 Antigen test Kit
    • 3. MyLab CoviSelf Home test kit
    • 4. Angcard
    • 5. CliniTest
    • 6. AbCheck
    • 7. Ultra Covi-catch
    • How Does COVID Tests at Home Work?

With the rising cases of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, the demand for the best home test kits has increased. Surely, testing is the only way we can prevent this disease from spreading, and in this step, the best solution would be to try out the Covid-19 home testing kits. You can order these testing kits Online. The plus side about these home testing kits is that they are self-reliant and can easily show you result on your smartphone. All you have to do is install the Android app, and you’re good to go.

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Best Covid-19 Home Testing Kits

1. CoviFind Antigen test kit


The CoviFind test kit is an ICMR-approved home testing kit for the Covid-19 antigen. The product is very easy to use, just take a swap, dip the swab into the chemical and drop it on the testing strip. Now, all you have to do is wait and watch. The product comes with everything you need: a sterile swab, a pre-filled buffer tube, an instruction manual, a test kit, and garbage disposal. The kit also has an app named CoviFind, which is available on both android and iOS.

Download: Android, iOS

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

2. PanBio Covid-19 Antigen test Kit


PanBio is another brand whose home testing kits for Covid-19 are available online. These affordable kits are easy to use, and all you need to do is follow a few simple instructions. The PanBio test kit comes with a swap, a testing kit, a buffer tube and a copy of instructions; just follow the instruction accordingly, and you’ll be able to diagnose your antigen test. In addition, the PanBio Home test kits are also ICMR-approved. Finally, PanBio has an app ‘Abbottt’ which is available on both Android and iOS, where you can also check the results.

Download: Android, iOS

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

3. MyLab CoviSelf Home test kit


MyLab CoviSelf is another self-testing home kit that you can use. The product has all the antigen testing equipment that you’ll need. All you have to do is take a swab and drop it on the testing strip. Then, just take the test and install the application on your android smartphone, it will guide you throughout the process, and you’ll get the result on the app. The product is fairly cheap, and you can buy it easily on amazon.

Download: Android, iOS

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

4. Angcard Test kit


You might have to purchase this home testing kit from a local pharmacy or look for this product from a third-party service medicine provider. The Angcard test kit is an ICMR-approved saliva-based home Antigen test kit that you can easily purchase. Instruction to use the kit is as simple as any other test kit that you find in the market. The kit comes with an app EONMED, that you can download from the play store.

Download: Android, iOS

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5. CliniTest


Clinitest is a testing kit developed by Siemens Healthineers, and has received FDA EUA certification as a covid-19 antigen testing kit. It is also an ICMR-approved testing kit, and work similarly to any other kit. The product has a Siemens Healthhineers app, that you can use to register and check more details.

Download: Android, iOS

6. AbCheck


AbCheck is another testing kit you can try. The product is simple to use and show the results of the antigen test in a few minutes. Again, this is a nasal swab test, so you might have to use it with caution. In addition, this test kit also has an app that you can install on your smartphone.

7. Ultra Covi-catch

Ultra Covi-Catch

Covi-catch is the final product on our list. The testing kit is similar to any other testing kit that you can find in the market, it comes with a nasal swab, a buffer liquid, a test kit, user manual. Like any other antigen testing kit, Covi-catch is also an antigen testing kit and works via the nasal swab method. In addition, the kit also has an app available to use.

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How Does COVID Tests at Home Work?

According to Hokeness, home COVID testing employ strips with antibodies to a critical protein found in COVID-19. Lateral flow technique (similar to that used in a pregnancy test, according to Hokeness) flows the sample fluid over the antigens on the test strip—”like a paper towel soaking up water”—when you wipe your nose and place the sample to the test strip.

A positive result means that the COVID-19 antigens are in the sample. They will connect to the antibodies, and you will see that the results are positive. If they are not there, there will be no binding, and the effects will be adverse,” explains Hokeness.

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