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CES 2024: 5 New Smart Gadgets That Will Surprise You


On January 5, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 began. Several corporations have started announcing their items for the yearly trade number. Samsung has previously unveiled its 2022 smart TV and monitor portfolio. LG has also introduced its 2022 innovative TV range. CES 2022 will also include some strange and quirky gadgets and gizmos. So, in this article, we’ve assembled a list of CES 2022 best smart gadgets.

- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:42 IST
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    What is CES 2023 smart gadgets ?
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    5 Best CES 2022 smart gadgets
    • 1. 360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number
    • 2. Smart lock Schlage Encode Plus
    • 3. Smart Water Faucet by Moen
    • 4. PerfectFill by Kohler
    • 5. Sound Mirror by Icon.AI
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    Wrapping up

Every aspect of your daily routine is becoming “Smarter.” Every year, the CES is packed with CES 2023 smart gadgets that aim to make the fundamentals of daily living at home a bit easier to manage via technology. Smart light bulbs and doorbells, for example, are well-known examples of these notions. Others, such as “Robot butlers,” are a step ahead of the curve.

Even while futurists fantasised about robots and the metaverse, there were tangible things that beckoned to your shopping bag. Here’s a quick rundown of all of the great innovative home products and advancements.

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What is CES 2023 smart gadgets ?

What is CES 2022 smart gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest and most prominent technology trade show. Business deals are made, and new business relationships are formed here, and it’s also where the brightest minds in innovation take the stage.

CES has long been a peek into the future of technology. This year, it reflected our crazy, untidy, and unpredictable lifestyles. They insisted on hosting a hybrid exhibition in 2022 with a significant physical presence. That seemed like a reasonable target after the summer’s COVID-19 delta spike. It was set to be one of the first major conferences to return to in-person.

Then came omicron.

Several corporations cancelled or postponed their attendance at the conference only weeks before it began. Cancelled presentation by T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert These companies withdrew or changed their plans. Most significant media sources choose virtual coverage. The programme seemed to be in trouble. Was CES a flop? No, strangely. Big announcements like Samsung’s first OLED TV and Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 system teased made the conference relevant. As in previous years, the automobile sector was well represented this year. Then came the realistic robots.

CNET Video Producer Claire Reilly described her encounter with America. A robot with human-like facial emotions, as “It was so surreal — wish I could have seen it in person,” The Consumer Technology Association said the show’s attendance grew as small and medium-sized enterprises realised the significance of face-to-face meetings.

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5 Best CES 2022 smart gadgets

1. 360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number

360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number

Every year, Sleep Number exhibits its smart beds at CES 2023 smart gadgets. This year, the business introduced a slew of additional sensors to provide consumers with a more personalised sleeping experience. For example, it has noise-cancelling technology that blocks both in-bed and outside sounds. It also supports ambient lighting adjusted according to the user’s circadian cycle. Users may also change the lights’ colour and intensity on each side of the bed.

It also monitors a sleeper’s overall well-being, including sleep hygiene habits and persistent sleep disruptions. Ai and machine learning in the bright bed can recognise out-of-norm occurrences over time and notify the sleeper of pattern alterations. The 360 smart bed will be able to identify the disease and notify a sleeper of potential health concerns such as sleeplessness, sleep apnea, or cardiac events in the future, according to the manufacturer.

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2. Smart lock Schlage Encode Plus

Smart lock Schlage Encode Plus

Meanwhile, intriguing things are occurring at CES 2023 smart gadgets in the more established realms of discrete locks and doorbells. For example, the Encode Plus lock from Schlage will be the first to enable Apple’s Home Key feature in iOS 15, which allows iPhones and Apple Watches to unlock doors. (Hyatt already uses this capability to allow guests to unlock hotel rooms.) So when the Encode Plus is in range, it will automatically unlock the door, but you may add extra security by using Face ID, Touch ID, or a password.

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3. Smart Water Faucet by Moen

Smart Water Faucet by Moen

One of CES 2023 smart gadgets – Moen, has released an intelligent sink faucet that allows customers to adjust the flow and temperature of the water using hand gestures. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and users can ask the faucet to deliver water at a specific temperature and volume. They may, for example, instruct it to dispense one teaspoon of water at 100 °. An associated app may also be used to manage water flow and temperature. It costs $675 and comes in Black, Silver, Steel Grey, and Golden colour options.

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4. PerfectFill by Kohler

PerfectFill by Kohler

Before CES 2023 smart gadgets, Kohler unveiled an innovative bath experience that allows customers to fill a bathtub with simple voice queries. You may ask Alexa or Google Assistant to fill or empty the tub on your behalf. With a simple voice command via the Kohler Konnect app, PerfectFill fills a bath to the appropriate temperature and depth.

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5. Sound Mirror by Icon.AI

Sound Mirror by Icon.AI

Shower singing is a time-honoured practice that I didn’t think we needed to interrupt, but this is CES 2023 smart gadgets, so here we are. The Icon is a well-known figure in the world. The AI Sound Mirror is an “Acoustic mirror,” or a huge round or oval mirror with an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. I see it as a bathroom mirror because of its IPX6 water-resistance certification, but it may be used everywhere.

You may ask it to play music, read the news, and do anything Alexa does when connected to Wi-Fi. It may also link straight to your phone through Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to music from any app.

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Wrapping up

CES 2023 was another unusual exhibition, but it featured enough helpful, intriguing, and future goods to geek out about. There were Terminator-like robots. BMW unveiled an automobile that can change colours like a computer’s wallpaper. Last year’s Razer high-tech face mask was repurposed as a wearable air purifier.

While the main rooms in Las Vegas were hauntingly empty and spectators chose stickers to indicate how much personal contact they tolerated, the event went on. And we saw much to speak about in 2023 for CES 2023 smart gadgets.

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  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 is here, and it provides an assortment of exciting items that will soon be available for purchase.
  • Another development in smart home devices is the industry–unifying standards, which should better integrate smart gadgets from various firms.
  • Based on corporate announcements or a press day on Tuesday, here are some of the most anticipated CES 2022 smart gadgets.

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