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7 Best Wear OS Watch Face Apps You Can Use For Your Smartwatch!


If you have an old smartwatch and want to provide it with a new refreshing look it’s very easy. Wear OS provides a lot of apps that have a vast library of beautiful watch faces. We have a list of apps that you can browse through to choose your favourite watch face.

- Updated: 13th Mar 2024, 12:16 IST
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    7 Best Wear OS Watch Face Apps
    • 1. Facer
    • 2. Pixel Minimal Watch Face
    • 3. Mr. Time
    • 4. Open Watch Face
    • 6. Google Fit
    • 7. LED Watch 3000
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Are you bored to wear OS watch face of the same set that now it has become mundane? It’s time to switch it up with some fresh faces that will level up your style quotient. Also, your peers will find it pretty cool. So, let’s explore some ways you can add a dash of coolness with different watch faces from Android Wear OS.

When it comes to smartwatches, most of them have pre-installed watch faces, but the ability to add third-party watch faces still remains one of the biggest strengths of the platform. Developers can develop a number of designs, providing users with a wide variety of choices, and Android Wear OS is an open-source platform, developers have the full freedom to build any type of watch face. Let’s walk through the best Wear OS Watch Face Apps at your disposal.

7 Best Wear OS Watch Face Apps

There are a lot of apps available on the Google Play Store that provide a variety of watch faces for the Wear OS platform. But if you want highly customizable templates and watch faces, you may need to pay a premium price for them. Here are some of the options available:

1. Facer


Facer is among the most popular apps for your smartwatch to, include custom and branded watch faces. There are thousands of premade watch faces available on this platform that you can use for your Wear OS-powered smartwatch.

You can browse from a selection of over 15,000 watch faces and choose and add a bunch of them to your library. The app includes watch faces that are designed to look similar to some of the top watchmaker brands as well as popular TV shows and movies. The app is free to download, and some of the watch faces are free as well. While most watch faces are free, some belong to the premium collection, and you will need to make in-app purchases to get access to a huge library of premium watch faces. There is also a DIY mod available on its web platform through which you can edit any watch face or even create a watch face of your own.

You can download the app from here.

2. Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Among hundreds of apps offering a variety of watch faces, Pixel Minimal Watch Faces stand out from the crowd. The name suggests the watch face is minimal and has quite a resemblance with Google’s cool material design on Wear OS. Through the watch face, you can also add your own widget, but it is a premium feature, and you have to pay for it. Apart from that, everything else is available for free in the app. The most popular feature is its specially designed watch face for always-on display, which provides a quiet aesthetic look and also saves your battery life. Also, the watch face is open source and does not collect any of your data.

You can download the app from here.

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3. Mr. Time

Mr. time

Mr Time is another delightfully easy editing platform that has over 150 templates from which you can handpick a watch face background. It also provides you with the ability to add widgets, customize colours, and more. You can design your own watch face from scratch or select watch faces made by other users. You can also include animated illustrations and GIFs apart from static photos or colourful designs. For an additional $2.99 (Rs. 220) a month, you can become a subscriber and have access to all of the app’s premium design watch faces, receive weekly VIP-only watch faces, and experience the app without any ads.

You can download the app from here.

4. Open Watch Face

open watch face app

Open Watch Face is for people who like customization and want to make their own watch face. It comes with a nice flat design and includes a couple of widgets that you can play around with, which provides useful information. For instance, you can add weather, calendar, battery percentage, and much more to your watch face. 

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You also get access to 16 premade watch faces that you can apply without any customization. The app also comes with two different ambient modes, which are great. Apart from the customizable, there are many features that are locked under in-app purchases. So, if you want to use all of the features and customization options, you might have to pay for premium features. 

You can download the app from here.

6. Google Fit

google fit

You may be familiar with Google Fit as a health-tracking app, but it also includes a lot of features that you may not know about. Google Fit offers personalized tiles, watch faces, and other health-tracking features for your Wear OS smartwatch. If you are a fan of Apple Watch’s health rings, then Google Fit’s watch face is for you. You can install the Google Fit app on your watch and get the health updates on your Android Wear to watch as well. 

Once you enable the watch face, you can also add widgets by tapping on the cogwheel icon. The watch face is a great option if you want your fitness metrics readily available on your smartwatch whenever you want to access them.

You can download the app from here.

7. LED Watch 3000

led watch 3000

This watch face is designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of waking up to an LED alarm clock from days gone by. It’s not for everyone, but for those seeking a trip down memory lane, it’s perfect. With a few customization options available, such as changing the font colour, which also alters the background, you can tailor it to your liking. Additionally, it offers three distinct crop styles: LCD, LED, and vintage LED, each capturing the essence of classic timepieces without putting a strain on your device’s battery life.

You can download the app from here.

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When it comes to smartwatches, most of them have pre-installed watch faces, but the ability to add third-party watch faces still remains one of the biggest strengths of the platform. Developers can develop a number of designs, providing users with a wide variety of choices. So, with the vast library of Wear OS watch faces available, there’s no excuse for a boring wrist. Whether you crave a sleek minimalist design, a fitness-focused layout, or even a nostalgic LED throwback, there’s a watch face waiting to match your vibe. So choose your vibe and get rolling!

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