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    How To Register For The Third Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine?


    A booster dosage and third dose are indicated for those who have had all of their vaccinations but whose immune response has diminished over time. It is suggested that patients who have been wholly vaccinated but have not had a robust immunological response get an extra dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    By Ritika Sharma | 
    Updated: 7th Jan 2022 20:34 IST
    How to register for the third dose of Covid Vaccine

    Highlights of the Story

    • A COVID booster shot is an extra dose of a vaccination administered after the first injection(s)’ protection has started to wane over time.
    • The online registration method for the booster dosage is identical to that of the first immunisation dose.
    • The booster is to help individuals retain their immunity.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi recommended a “Precaution dose/third dose of vaccine” for Indian healthcare & frontline workers. It starts from January 10 as nations prepare for Covid outbreaks caused by the Omicron strain of the Coronavirus.

    The word “Precaution dose” alludes to the third dose of Covid-19 vaccination given to fully vaccinated individuals. However, Prime Minister Modi avoided using the “Booster dose”, often known. Official sources estimate that the second and third doses of the Covid-19 vaccination will be 9-12 months.

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    What is a COVID-19 booster shot or third dose vaccine?

    What is a COVID-19 booster or third dose vaccine

    A COVID booster shot/third dose vaccine is an extra dose of a vaccination administered after the first injection(s)’ protection has started to wane over time. For example, after your immunity from the initial dose(s) begins to diminish, you’ll usually need a booster shot.

    After two vaccination doses, individuals with weak immune systems may not generate sufficient pro. Thus, an extra dosage may enhance their resistance to the new Coronavirus.

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    How can I register for the third dose of vaccine online?

    How can I register for the third dose of vaccine online

    You can make appointments by calling the COVID-19 general information line (0800 909 400) or by registering directly on the vaccination platform to schedule an appointment at one of the permanent vaccination centres using the direct booking system, which allows you to select the time slot and vaccination centre.

    You will get a first text message with a 6-digit code that you must input in the online registration form to confirm your registration, just as you did with your initial enrollment (1st dosage). After that, you’ll get a second text message confirming your booster appointment.

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    To register for the booster dosage online, you’ll need:

    1. You need your healthcare ID card.
    2. A computer having access to the internet.
    3. A phone (yours or a relative’s) to receive two text messages: 1st SMS = 6-digit code / 2nd SMS = vaccination appointment confirmation).
    4. Your vaccination certificate, including the date of your most recent vaccination dosage and the kind of mRNA vaccine you had.

    If you do not have access to a cell phone, you may register by calling the COVID-19 general info line (0800 909 400).

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    What should you do throughout the registration procedure on the registration platform?

    What should you do throughout the registration procedure on the registration platform

    Tap on “I want a booster dose” to access the correct form. Then you’ll have to fill out a sequence of pages:

    1. Questions of a general nature (date of birth, gender)
    2. Questions concerning your health in general
    3. Concerns about your vaccination record (date of last dose, type of vaccine, number of doses, reactions to the vaccine)
    4. You can still register if you haven’t been vaccinated in more than six months.
    5. Fill in the following fields about your health insurance
    6. Information about the documentation you’ll need for your immunisation appointment.
    7. You will get an SMS with a 6-digit code if you select “check my number” in the field relating to your mobile phone number.
    8. After that, you may select your immunisation location and time. The direct booking method gives you access to the immunisation centre’s schedule. You choose the desired appointment at the desired vaccination centre by clicking on it.

    If required, you may adjust the time slot. You will get a second SMS confirming the appointment. It will reflect immediately after you have confirmed your option (date and place of the booster dose). If required, you may reschedule your appointment after receiving this second SMS by contacting the vaccine centre directly or calling the COVID-19 general info line (0800 909 400).

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    1. Who is eligible for the Covid-19 booster dose? 

    PM Modi has proposed a booster dosage for healthcare and frontline personnel and the at-risk population. It includes senior citizens with comorbidities.

    2. Is it necessary for your booster shot to meet the dose you got at first? Is it possible to mix and match?

    The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) also allowed the use of heterologous (or “Mix and match”) booster doses for persons above 18. In addition to all three presently approved vaccinations. So, in essence, you have the option of selecting whatever vaccination you get as a booster dosage depending on what is available to you. The known and prospective advantages of getting a different vaccination as a booster dose exceed the public’s possible hazards of mixing and matching individuals now eligible for boosters.

    3. Is there any risk in obtaining a second dose of vaccine?

    The CDC looked into what occurred when some persons got a second dose of COVID-19 vaccination. The effects’ severity was usually mild or moderate, consistent with prior dosages. The results of the increased dosage were, if anything, a little milder.

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