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Here Are Our Favourite Games To Play During the COVID-19 Quarantine

The COVID-19 outbreak might have got everyone around here by a surprise but we gotta respect the government’s decision to keep things outright. While doing so, which means you have to stay under any circumstances, it gets really boring for not being able to catch up with your friends and whatnot. Well, here are some games for you to try out when quarantined.

By Akhil Taneja - 
Thu, 26 Mar'20
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Our Favorite games to play during COVID-19 quarantine

Highlights of the Story

  • The COVID-19 outbreak got us by a surprise and left us boring at home.
  • Playing games on a smartphone is something everyone got used to these days.
  • Multiplayer games are interesting and in time of social distancing, it is the best way to have fun with friends.
  • We present to you the list of the best smartphone games you can play when you are quarantined.

Mobile gaming is much evolved now than ever before and with eSports having a lot of money involved, the COVID-19 outbreak did certainly put some holes there. These days, everyone from a kid to the kid’s old grandparents is used to playing smartphone games. Well, since you are now locked in at home, you must be probably wandering on and off your phone for playing some games that you usually do.

While it is advised to maintain social distancing, it really feels a tad bit down for someone who is used to being with friends a lot. In these situations, hanging out is probably off the charts but since there are multiplayer games on smartphones, they are the best possible way to spend time with your friends. Moreover, there are several multiplayer games that have seen a rise in downloads after the Corona Virus or the COVID-19 scare.

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Games being the best possible way to spend a part of your day, it is always confusing or rather boring playing only a few games you are stuck with. Well, here are our favorite games to play during the COVID-19 Quarantine period.

Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty covid 19

Call of Duty Mobile is a great PUBG rival but when it comes to graphics and gameplay, it looks and feels much better. But as they say, nothing can beat the competition in PUBG, so be it. Anyhow, Call of Duty has its own set of perks and visual art which makes it one of the most seeking multiplayer shooter games in both the platforms, iOS and Android. You get different game modes and maps which you can select and it also has a unique Loadout where your guns will be unlocked as per your level in the game. If you are more of a PUBG person, it also has a Battle Royale mode which you can try out. Overall, this is a fun game which you can play with your friends around while live voice calling each other.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile for Android

Download Call of Duty: Mobile for iOS

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Psych! Outwit Your Friends


Psych is a crazy game developed by Warner Bros. Enterprises. It is really fun playing along with your friends and it doesn’t feel like you are playing on a smartphone at all. You have a variety of decks to choose from where they can range from general trivia to personal fun-making questions. So, after installing and joining a game, in case of trivia questions, each of you has to write an answer that seems real and has a chance of being picked by other players. You get as many points as the number of players picking your answer rather than the right answer. So, it’s a game with lots of fun and laughs going around and it can be downloaded for free.

Android: Download Psych!

iOS: Download Psych!



Houseparty is an old game that was released a couple of years but it gained a lot of traction recently after many countries continued to lockdown their cities to practice self-isolation. This is a game you play face-to-face with your friends while you are quarantined at home. As the name itself suggests, it is a party where you will be instantly notified when your friends are available so that you can be up for a chat or real f2f trivia quizzes and more. It is available for free and is a really fun way to pass time with your friends while staying home.

Android: Download Houseparty

iOS: Download Houseparty

Fun Run 3: Multiplayer Games

Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 is an updated version of the game by Dirtybit and they exactly know how to make small interesting multiplayer games. It is a multiplayer game that you can play along with a maximum of four friends at the same time. You get a funny squirrel avatar at the start and you have to make your way running to the finish line overcoming the obstacles and powerups used by other players. You also have daily tasks and rewards which makes the game interesting and addicting with the thirst for the win. You can also form eight members to run simultaneously in arcade mode which is a cracker of a deal.

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Android: Download Fun Run 3

iOS: Download Fun Run 3

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the oldest games and probably the first game you ever played on a smartphone. This time around, you can start running and playing it which will bring back a lot of nostalgia and also have a check at that Facebook leaderboard if someone ever beat your score. The unlimited running experience gets faster as you go along and can get real tough at times which will demand some real fast reflexes from you.

Android: Download Subway Surfers

iOS: Download Subway Surfers



Fancade is a simple arcade game or rather a set of interesting games which you can play all day. If you got internet issues and are looking for a small 2D game, this is the best one for you. You got to show your various gaming skills such as jumping, stacking, driving, puzzling and more to unlock more worlds and different games as you move forward. Although the game is still in Beta, it has almost no bugs or running issues however slow your phone might be, in terms of performance. You can download it via Early Access.

Android: Download Fancade



Psebay is the answer for all the racing games fans out there. For many years, we haven’t seen a perfect Moto Trial game except for a bit Trial Xtreme series. Psebay is an atmospheric adventure moto trial game that plays along with dynamic gravity. And to that added is the best music you can hear while playing a game of this sort. The graphics are not worked because it is a silhouette style game that has easy controls for you to get going. The game challenges you in about 64 levels in which some can be really tough to finish. Good luck with that!

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Android: Download Psebay

iOS: Download Psebay

Really Bad Chess

Really bAd Chess

As the name itself suggests, this is a really bad chess game with a badass concept. You get chess, but you don’t get the usual powers you get. You can just have 4 elephants, 3 horses, 5 pawns, 6 queens or any crazy combination like that. All you have to do is play accordingly and win the game which has different levels to finish. These can range from easy to extremely difficult, so for those who chess might feel boring, this is the game for you to check out.

Android: Download Really Bad Chess

iOS: Download Really Bad Chess



QuizUp is quite an old multiplayer quiz game in which you can compete in different categories. For example, if you are really good at Game of Thrones, you can pick that topic and match up with other players like you around the globe. This is a trivia game where you 10 seconds for a question and the points are based on how fast you answer. The highest points after accumulation win the game. Also, you have your profile where you can see insights and also make friends and have a chat with them too. Do you think you are really good at something? Well, test yourselves out here.

Android: Download QuizUp

iOS: Download QuizUp

PUBG: Mobile

PUBG: Mobile

At last, PUBG is one of the most popular games around the globe for a reason. And this had to be on our favorite list for the obvious reasons. You fly around in a plane with 100 other players on a huge map, get off whenever you want, start looting, and then fight till death. The last man standing wins and it takes more than just strategy to play this game. If you are still haven’t tried this game, we reckon this quarantine period is the best to try this out along with your friends which can be really fun.

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Android: Download PUBG: Mobile

iOS: Download PUBG: Mobile

While this quarantine is obviously an unprecedented event, we hope games like these are able to distract you from the gloom. Let’s hope that we are able to recover from this soon and get back to our day to day lives. If you’d like more stories like this stay tuned to Cashify!

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