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Keep Your Children Busy During Quarantine With These FREE iOS Apps


The COVID19 Crisis has left kids and elders stranded at home all alike, without regular classes going on for children it is important to keep them busy with something productive so that they don’t get bored. This is a great opportunity to get your children familiar with something that they can enjoy without having to keep them under constant supervision.

By Akhil Taneja - 
26th Mar 2020
free ios apps for kids

Highlights of the Story

  • Applications like YouTube kids and the Kids section in Hotstar application offer content that is safe for children to watch without parental supervision. 
  • Applications like Duolingo and Tynker help children acquire a new skill during the holidays and learn something new
  • Goodnight Safari is a nice game to keep kids engaged without having to worry about the content to be disturbing. 

With the Indian government announcing a lockdown that is going to last at least 21 days, it is a herculean task for parents to keep their kids busy in something productive. Most parents in the Tech industry are having to work from home during the crisis and it is increasingly difficult to give more time to the children during their holidays now.

It is a good idea to take up this opportunity and get the children habituated to something productive, like developing a new skill or learning a fun new language in an entertaining way or ease off for a while with Children safe content on applications like YouTube Kids.

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YouTube Kids

YouTube is the biggest online video streaming portal in the world right now, the content on this portal ranges from entertaining kids rhymes to disturbing footage.

While children can learn a lot from YouTube and have a lot of fun, it is important to ensure that they don’t get distracted and end up in bad influence. The YouTube kids application is designed with exactly this in mind, it allows the parents to trust their children with the YouTube application without the need for continuous monitoring.

The application stops disturbing content or inappropriate content from being streamed by the kids. All the content on the YouTube kids application is filtered to ensure that it is safe for viewing by children. It also comes with a simple UI and big icons making it simple for kids to browse through the application and have a good experience. 

Key Features 

  • A massive variety of content is available based on the mood at that time
  • YouTube ensures that the content is appropriate for kids so you don’t have to worry about it
  • The navigation is optimized to ensure that kids have an easy experience and understand the navigation easily

Download YouTube Kids for iOS


Duolingo is an extremely famous and intuitive way of learning a new language. The application is free to use and uses easy and interactive ways of teaching new languages in a way that most people don’t find difficult.

This could be a fun and addictive way for your kids to take up this opportunity of learning something new, the application gives the users points for correct answers and uses competitions and levels to enhance the motivation of the users to achieve tasks on a daily basis.

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Duolingo works similar to most games and provides a personalized learning experience adapting the learning style to you. The exercises in the application are tailored to help you learn and review vocabulary effectively. Duolingo uses rewards to motivate users to learn more and stay on track to improve the fluency score, unlock new levels and to earn virtual coins.

While most part of the application is ad-supported and free, you can disable the advertisements and support education by using the premium feature.

Key Features

  • Incentivized learning for kids helping them gain interest
  • A game like methodology to get kids interested and addicted to learning
  • Massive choice of languages to learn
  • Multiple in application rewards and levels to keep kids motivated

Download Duolingo for iOS

Hotstar Kids

Hotstar Kids

Hotstar is one of India’s biggest OTT content providers, it is owned by the Star network and has been responsible for bringing many famous international shows to India including Game of Thrones.

The Hotstar platform has a lot of amazing shows and movies including DUMBO, The Lion King, Incredibles 2 and more that will serve as the right content for kids. However, it is understandable that the platform does have other shows and content that might be deemed inappropriate for kids by some parents.

You can use the Kids mode to filter out inappropriate content and allow your kids to access the Hotstar application to stream content without having to worry about constant monitoring.

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Hotstar has a huge collection of content in various languages with a huge list of animated content including movies from Disney to keep your kids entertained during the break and the premium account can be acquired at a very nominal yearly price. 

Key Features 

  • Massive range of content available from the Star network
  • Completely safe for kids to use with monitored content
  • Huge list of Disney movies to keep your kids entertained during the holidays
  • Very affordable premium plans if you wish to upgrade

Download Hotstar for iOS



Tynker is one of our favorite applications, growing up in this modern world we see children get smarter with each generation and their understanding ability hugely improves too. Tynker is an application for iOS which uses code block to teach kids how to program, it uses a revolutionary approach to ensure kids learn how to code using visual blocks that represent real programming concepts. Slowly the application goes ahead to teach JavaScript and Python as they continue to play through over 2,000 interest-driven activities. Tynker uses coding puzzles to introduce programming to kids and allows them to apply these coding skills to fun adventures. Kids have to exercise logical thinking to create programs that stress efficiency and in that process, they end up learning about programming using loops and conditionals. 

Key Features

  • Easy to learn to program for all ages
  • A simple and intuitive way of learning new concepts
  • Block based coding to ensure children understand the logic
  • Simple tasks to verify the implementation of logic

Download Tynker for iOS

Goodnight Safari

Goodnight Safari

The general feeling among most parents is that bedtime is a Constant Struggle, most parents exclaim that establishing a routine is the key to avoiding meltdowns and while tucking in the kids to sleep. Goodnight safari uses beautiful artwork that looks like fine watercolour on book pages and has several options.

You could choose to read the book, or have it read to you, choose a different scene and others. It is a simple but well-designed storytelling application with well-designed voices, the words are highlighted in yellow on the display as they are spelled. This can also help enhance the reading skills of the kids.

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Once the story is read, a blue dot appears and you could tap on the baby animal to see what it does before going to bed. The application is well designed and could be a nice way to end the day for the kids as they read through a nice story and watch the baby animal fall asleep. 

Key Features

  • Very well designed application
  • Attractive for children of most ages
  • Has multiple modes to choose from based on reading choice
  • Helps improve the reading ability of kids

Download Goodnight Safari for iOS

The apps mentioned above will help keep your kids distracted while also helping them remain stimulated. Staying inside is definitely not something children love, so we hope this list will take some of the stress off you while we remain under quarantine. For more helpful tips and tricks make sure to keep up with here on Cashify!

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