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Telecomtoday Covers How To Recycle Your Phone With Cashify

By Yeti - 
11th Jun 2020
how to recycle phone cashify

Did you know that you could recycle your old mobile phones right from your home? No need to step out looking for the right place. Our doorstep service gives you the option to send off the mobile phones you no longer use for responsible recycling. In return, you get exclusive voucher rewards too. That’s not all. As a token of gratitude, we plant a tree for every phone that comes to us for recycling.

In 2019, our new project that enables users to recycle their old mobile phones began. Taking forward our focus in making responsible use of technology while keeping our environment safe, this initiative seemed like the next logical step after our work in buyback and refurbished gadgets. It allows us to make use of the resources we already have for further production. And also enables users who had the will to recycle but couldn’t find a trustworthy and simple enough platform to do so.

With more and more mobile phones being sold and manufactured every year, our dependency on natural resources has gone up. Our landfills are also filling up with an immeasurable amount of e-waste. India is one of the top producers of e-waste of our times. To tackle this huge catastrophe, we feel the time to start is right now. By responsible recycling of our old gadgets we can prevent the earth from getting damaged in many ways. It reduces the hunt for new natural resources and doesn’t allow us to dump the old gadgets in an unorganized way.

This World Environment Day, we have become even stronger with our dedicated team and a slew of old devices coming to us for recycling. To know all about it, read this piece by Telecomtoday.


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