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The Mobile Indian Talks About Cashify’s Recycle Mobile Phones Project

By Yeti - 
10th Jun 2020
cashify recycle

As a tech-organization, our focus has always been responsible use of our resources. Although in technology lies our future, it is our responsibility to make progress while keeping our planet safe. It starts with every mining work that’s done for a new production of something as common as a smartphone. The strain imposed on nature for technological advancement can have immense repercussions if it goes unchecked. Hence, we at Cashify have always been ultra-careful about sustainable progress. All our initiatives, be it mobile buyback or refurbished devices keep one thing in the forefront, making the most of what we have without fishing for more resources out of the earth.

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Taking the same idea forward, we had begun our mobile recycle platform in 2019. A doorstep program, it allows responsible mobile phone users to recycle the devices they no longer use from the comfort of their home. Once collected, these devices come to our recycling centre where they are carefully disintegrated in an organized fashion. This enables us to extract all usable materials which are there in these devices so that they can be used for further manufacturing. As a token of gratitude, we offer our users rewards that may be in the form of vouchers or cashback. Additionally, a tree is planted for every device that comes to us for recycling.

This World Environment Day, we have gotten stronger with more and more users coming forward to recycle their used gadgets. To check out the full story, read the article on our initiative in The Mobile Indian.


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