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The Boys Season 4: Release Date And All You Need To Know


The Boys, an original series on Amazon Prime, has been set to return for a fourth season. Only a week had passed since the premiere of Season 3, which likewise experienced a 17 per cent rise in viewers compared to the previous season.

- Updated: 10th Jul 2022, 13:16 IST
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    Season 3: Updates

The Boys Season 4 has officially been renewed on the Amazon Prime videos. Although, Season 3 of The Boys is presently well underway, and six of the eight episodes have already been made available for the viewers. A week after the third season’s premiere, the fourth season of the Emmy-nominated show was officially confirmed, given the fact that series actor Karl Urban had already disclosed in March that he was filming for it.

Also, Karl Urban revealed when The Boys season 4 would begin filming in an interview for his most recent animated picture, The Sea Beast. In addition, he stated once season 3 was over, he would be “shooting The Boys through the end of the year.”

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Release Date

Although an official release date has not yet been set, we do know from Urban’s hint that season 4 will continue to be filmed through the end of 2022. We can infer from this that the time until its release may be a little over a year. Therefore, it doesn’t appear that fans have to wait now for a longer duration of time. It’s expected to come in 2023.


According to leaks, The main lead will still be played by Karl Urban(Billy Butcher). Also, characters like Jack Quaid(as Hughie Campbell Jr), Anthony Starr(Homelander), and Erin Moriarty(Starlight). In addition, the cast may also include Chase Crawford, Laz Alonso, Nathan Mitchel, and Tomer Capon. Furthermore, these characters from season 3 will appear in season 4: Jensen Ackles, Miles Gaton Villanueva, Laurie Holden, Sean Patrick Flanery and Nick Wechsler. Some more possibilities will be there like, Katia Winter may continue to portray Nina, Frances Turner will continue to portray Monique, and Kristen Booth and Jack Doolan will continue to portray the TNT twins.

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Season 3: Updates

Streaming of The Boys Season 3 is available right now on Amazon Prime Video. The well-known superhero series’ most recent season’s first three episodes were made available on June 3. Furthermore, the remaining episodes will be shown on this OTT platform weekly, starting on June 10.

Season 3 of The Boys has a pleasantly unsettling beginning. The Prime Video series, which has only four episodes available so far, shows the wicked Homelander at his most heinous. Also, The Deep is an awful in-character and regrettably exposes a darker side to do-gooder Hughie Campbell.

Some more surprises you’re going to encounter are that a few characters have unexpected superpowers. Also, it has also shown Butcher making use of V-24. Contrary to the infamous substance believed in providing newborns with superhuman abilities for life, as the name implies. This new medication’s effects only last a single day. Furthermore, Butcher still warns Hughie to avoid the medicine at all costs despite being able to laser opponents in half.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Boys, an original series on Amazon Prime, has been given a formal fourth season order.
  • There is currently no certainty as to who will survive this season because the Season 3 finale will not air until July 8.
  • If all proceeds according to plan, the same actors should reunite for The Boys Season 4.