Smartphone gaming has been the best way to spend time during this pandemic and if you have bought a smartphone in the last 2 years then all these games shall be very well compatible with it. With endless runner games to battle royale games, we have come a long way ahead in terms of mobile…2022-11-03 15:23:33What Are The Most Downloaded Games on Android?

What Are The Most Downloaded Games on Android?


Smartphone gaming has been the best way to spend time during this pandemic and if you have bought a smartphone in the last 2 years then all these games shall be very well compatible with it. With endless runner games to battle royale games, we have come a long way ahead in terms of mobile gaming. Here we talk about some of the best, most popular Android games of all time that are free to play and will surely keep you glued to your screen.

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Updated: 3rd Nov 2022 15:23 IST
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    Top 5 Most Downloaded Games on Android
    • Candy Crush Saga
    • 8 Ball Pool
    • Subway Surfer
    • Clash of Clans (COC)
    • PUBG Mobile

A handful of games are available in Google Play. It’s pretty obvious to get confused while selecting to download one for playing on your next weekend. Moreover, it’s too agitating to find a game boring after spending your data to download it. That’s why a mild research work is important before you download any game. Want to know about the popular games on Android? Or, which ones have the highest rating? If yes, you’re just in the right place! Here, we have listed some of The Most Downloaded Games on Android that are free to download and fun to play.

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Top 5 Most Downloaded Games on Android

We have prepared this list depending on the number of downloads and reviews on Google Play Store. Go through the list and read the features to understand the genre and type of each game. We’ve picked the genres like classic, online multiplayer, racing game, city-making, and so on. Check out our list below and find your type of game now. 

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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Here is the most downloaded game- Candy Crush Saga. With over 29 million ratings and more a Billion downloads, this classic game is popular among all age groups. The game strategies are quite easy to understand and perceivable. Even most of the kids love playing this game. Different levels are there. As soon as you cross the basic levels, you’ll be sent to the next level, which is comparatively difficult. The best thing is, you can play Candy Crush Saga offline also though there are some limitations like you won’t get free spins while playing offline. So, are you up for playing this game? If yes, check out the features now. 

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  • Never-ending numbers of stages and levels are there
  • Easy gameplay and one of the most popular games on Google Play
  • Just match the same colored candies to make them vanish and get your score
  • It renders plenty of rewards and spins
  • Simple strategies can make you win but hard to master
  • Awesome graphics and sound effects
  • Higher levels are comparatively tough

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8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

Next up, 8 Ball Pool on this list. Talking about this game, once you start playing, you’ll probably love to play it whenever you get some free time. You can add your Facebook friends and play with them also. A number of levels are there. Plus, within one app, you will get different types of pool games with multiple entry fees (in-game coins you gather from winnings). The interactive gameplay makes you stick to it. Playing 8 Ball Pool is like having a small pool club in your pocket. If you have already spent hours in pool clubs, it’s time you play it whenever you want. Have a look at the features now.

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  • Play with your friends by connecting them from Facebook
  • Unique coin winnings and exclusive rewards are available from time to time
  • Pick random players to play or choose from your friendliest 
  • Amazing graphics and sound system
  • Challenging game and competition among other players
  • Show your skills in 1-to-1 battel or 8 players’ tournament

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Subway Surfer

Most Downloaded Games: Subway Surfer

Are you looking for a fun-packed endless running game which will provide every bit of refreshment? If yes, then Subway Surfer is here to let you make the most of your leisure time. This jumping and dodging game come with a cool environmental interface. While playing, you can feel yourself rushing to reach the destination while leaving all the obstacles behind. As long as you don’t touch the obstacles or don’t take a wrong turn, you will keep crossing all those fascinating levels. Sometimes maybe a stress-free achievement type game is what your inner gamer craves for. Play Subway Surfer to feel like free as the wind. 


  • A city-like environment is there to give it a real touch
  • Play with different characters like Tricky, Jake, Fresh, and more
  • Weekly giveaways along with daily rewards are available
  • Colorful and very-high quality graphics is integrated
  • A number of fascinating rides are there like hoverboards, jet rockets and more
  • The game constantly receives updates which eliminate lag or bugs

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Clash of Clans (COC)

Most Downloaded Games: Clash of Clans

You’ve probably heard a lot about this game. If you haven’t tried playing it yet, it’s time you must download this war game. The gameplay asks you to build your own village along with your own builder base. Then you need to make your troops ready to attack any random opponent’s village which you can find by the search option there within the game-interface. You can do the same for both of your town base and builder base. If you have friends who play COC, try joining their clan for an enhanced war experience. You can also join any random clan or be the clan leader while creating your own clan and adding members. The sole purpose of building a clan is to participate in clan war which rewards you with a lot of stuff on winning the war. 

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  • Build your own village and keep upgrading your town hall once you have sufficient coins
  • For troops, you will get barbarians, wizards, archers, giants, witches, healers, dragons, balloon, king and queen
  • A social network of live chat is there to let you make easy connections
  • You can research the troops and make them of higher levels
  • Alongside troops, special spells are available to ensure your winnings in war battel
  • The strategy is the key here to play this game

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PUBG Mobile

Last but not least, PUBG Mobile is here to give you all time’s best gaming experience. This amazing multiplayer battle royal game provides jaw-dropping graphics with a rich system interface. You can make your own friend list and invite them to play in a team of 4. This game provides different modes like Classic, Arcade, Payload, TDM, etc. You can play solo, duo, 100 players battels, deathmatches, and more. You have to go through the toughest of the situations, kill all the enemies, and survive to be the last one standing to win. If you’re playing team matches, your team must survive till the end. With 31+ million ratings and more than that downloads, this game is one of the most downloaded games of Google Play. 

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  • This game got Game of the Year award in 2018
  • Works better in high-end Android smartphones
  • The gaming mechanics are made of high definition graphics, and realistic sound effects are there to make it engaging
  • This game receives tons of updates regularly with new maps and gaming modes.

Get it on Google Play

That’s all! We hope you’ve successfully resolved your query- ‘What are the most downloaded games on Android?’ So, which game you’re thinking of downloading?


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Highlights of the Story
  • Mobile Gaming has evolved a lot in the past couple of years from endless runner games to battle royale.
  • Here we talk about some of the best and most popular Android games of all time.
  • All these games are free to play and will definitely stick you around for a while

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