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5 Best Internet Speed Test Websites and Platforms


Getting info and statistics on your internet performance has not required a special network operator for quite a few years as various credible platforms have popped up to determine your internet bandwidth, download speed, upload speed, and ping.

- Updated: 25th Jan 2022, 09:35 IST
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    What Can I Learn from a Speed Test?
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    5 Best Internet Speed
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Are you facing internet speed issues, bandwidth issues, or using a new internet connection? Maybe you need to download a file and need to pre-estimate how long it will take you to finish the download. Either way, this handy listicle by Cashify has you covered with the top 5 best internet Speed Test Websites and Platforms!

What Can I Learn from a Speed Test?

An internet speed test gives real-time statistics on the speed at which data is sent over your mobile or WiFi connection. This means that the more you have to back up your online activities, the better the rate.

There are important things a speed test can show to you, like:

Latency, often known as ping, is the amount of time it requires for a signal to get to and from an internet server in milliseconds (ms). A reduced latency indicates a more responsive connection, which is critical while gaming or video chatting.

Download speed: Fast download speeds are needed for things like going to websites or watching YouTube. Consider this measurement to determine the speed with which information requested from the web reach your device.

Upload Speed: In order to send data to the internet, upload speed is very important because it helps the data move faster. This is critical for making video conversations, emailing papers, or cloud-backing data. When you send data from your device to the internet, this measurement will show you how quickly it gets there.

Mbps (megabits per second) is the unit of measurement for upload and download speeds. In a speed test, it only shows how fast you were on the Internet at a certain time. Depending on when and where you are in your house, the speed can change. If you’re using cellular internet or WiFi, the speed can change depending on when and where you are.

5 Best Internet Speed

Before you proceed to the list, you may want to know some internet speed testing best practices! Test in the same place, with different devices for maximum reliability. Get even clearer results by testing the speed at multiple different times of the day. 

To test your Wi-Fi speed and range, you can run the tests at different distances from your router to know the effective range. Without further ado, let’s see the list from the last one.

5. Xfinity SpeedTest

Xfinity SpeedTest

This Xfinity SpeedTest is not graphic intensive other than the flying animation that runs in the centre while speed testing. Highly accurate, this Speed Test platform selectively measures your current Download Speed.

After the test finishes, it offers tips and solutions with articles and a “Help Me Improve” button. It does occasionally crash if you switch windows or have too many tabs open. Close background web apps or browsers when you run this speed test.


Fast is the most minimalistic, straightforward, and simple web app on this list. when you open up, you will only see three prominent things:

  • Your current Internet Speed
  • The Fast logo on a white background
  • A big refresh button

It takes a moment to capture the exact average speed, and displays an option to “Show More”. Clicking this option reveals your Latency, Upload Speed, IP Address, Network Service Provider, and Server Location.

Brought to you by Netflix, Fast is an accurate, handy, and quick speed test tool for streamers and viewers alike.

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3. Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test

The Internet Health Test is made by Ookla, the creators of Speed Test. Simply open the website and click the giant “GO” button to begin the test.

The Internet Health Test displays your:

  • Ping
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Jitter or fluctuation
  • IP Address
  • Network Service Provider


Test my net is one of the more sophisticated internet speed testing tools that features detailed graphs. This website has three different speed tests, one for download speed, one for upload speed, and another for bandwidth check.

With a graph and other stats, Testmy also gives your network a star rating.


The oldest and all-time favourite of many a developer, data scientist and benchmarker, the SpeedTest by Ookla is a highly reputed application.

This test is one of the fastest on this list and displays within a minute:

  • Ping
  • Download & Upload Speeds
  • Network Service Provider
  • Current IP Address

Those were the best 5 Internet Speed Test Websites! Know any more that have more features? Comment below and let everyone know!

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