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Top Ad Blocker Applications For Android To Stay Ad-Free!


The Android operating system comes with a tonne of apps and most of them are made available as a free download, however, the reason these are free to download is that they make their revenue via advertising which can soon get very annoying based on how the ads are displayed. Even when you browse the internet using your Android smartphone it is common to stumble upon multiple advertisements that take up a lot of space. 

- Updated: 23rd Nov 2022, 19:02 IST

Advertisements are common on most Android apps and websites, this is generally because these applications are offered for free and the developers are forced to choose other revenue streams such as advertisements and in-app purchases. While downloading an app or browsing a website for free is a great option as we do not have to spend any money upfront, some of these apps and websites can have very intrusive apps that can affect the overall user experience.

If you use any apps that do not offer a good experience and have a lot of advertisements in them or if you want to stop seeing ads on the websites you browse then Android allows you to browse the internet by avoiding these ads using some of the Ad Blocker Applications that are available for Android. These apps are mostly not available on the Google Play Store with a few exceptions as they do not conform with the Play Store policy.

These Ad Blocking applications can greatly help improve your overall experience on your smartphone with the applications and while browsing websites by disabling the advertisements on them.

Ad Blocker Applications

There have also been some unofficial reports that suggest that blocking of advertisements can also improve the battery life of a smartphone and help with the performance. Ad Blocking is an essential experience for many people and bad advertising can ruin experiences left and right. 

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There are several ways of getting ad blocker applications on your Android smartphone at least in some capacity, it is almost compulsory for most of these apps to have root access and to install 3rd party apps that are not available on the Play Store.

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We have tried the apps below and can assure you that they offer a smooth experience, we recommend that you use it at your own caution and also to support content creators when possible. 



AdAway application requires root access and it is a simple adblocker app, the app uses a modified hosts file to send all ad requests to IP address. In other words, the request is barred and thus you do not see any ads at all.

The app supports modified or custom host files as well and you can also choose to download a basic one from within the application. Host files are generally stored in a read-only segment of the Android system and thus the app requires root access to edit these apps. 

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You can also choose to donate to the developers if you like them but the app by itself works for absolutely no cost. The AdAway application is not available on the Google Play Store and you need to download it form the F-Droid page, the app also needs root access and root users can always just change the host files without installing the app if they know how to do it.

Download AdAway 

Adblock Plus

Ad Blocker Applications: Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocker applications on the list and it works both on rooted and non-rooted devices, while non-root users have a few more steps involved the process is still pretty simple and doable. The application runs in the background and filters the web traffic just like how a browser extension would do it.

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You just need to open the app once and set it up and then the app runs in the background without interfering with the overall experience, you just need to go to the official website linked below and follow the instructions for installing and setting up the AdBlock Plus app on your rooted or non-rooted Android smartphone. 

Download Adblock Plus


Ad Blocker Applications: AdGuard

AdGuard is one of the different applications and not many people have even heard about it before this app. The app works well for us and uses the same principle as the AdBlock Plus application.

The AdGuard app runs as a service in the background and filters web traffic. The application can work without root access but it requires more set up just like in the case of the AdBlock Plus Application. The app also keeps a tab on all of your web traffic similar to apps like GlassWire. 

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With the AdGuard application, you also get a good looking Material Design UI that is put together very well. The free version of this app blocks ads only in web browsers and the premium version is available for a whopping cost of $24.99 or about Rs. 1800 a month. With the premium subscription, you can also use it on your Windows PC or Mac computer to block ads on all devices. 

Download AdGuard

Brave Browser

Brave Browser

There are multiple browsers with ad-blocking functionality. These browsers filter out the ad traffic and stop the most offensive ad traffic from reaching your browser.

Google Chrome also has an ad-blocking mode but it still shows the ads that are leas offensive to the viewer while leaving a few there to the sites allowing them to continue making some money. The Brave browser is one of the best options as you can continue to block ads while still supporting genuine websites and apps.

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Some examples of web browsers that have ad-block are Brave Browser, Firefox Focus, Samsung Browser, and more. There are a few more with adblocker add-ons such as the Firefox browser and the Dolphin Browser, you can choose one that fits you well based on your design choices and more.

Download from Google Play Store


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