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How To Disable MIUI 12 Ads Using A Single Toggle Switch!


MIUI by Xiaomi is notoriously known for adware and multiple system apps come with advertisements built-in. These advertisements are considered disturbing by many users and it doesn’t seem fair to have those ads after paying a full price for the smartphone. A lot of users have complained in the past about the unfair advertising practices in the MIUI software, despite the sentiment of the customers. Brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and more continue to include ads in their System apps and UI. These ads not only irritating but sometimes also raise privacy concerns. Luckily, there are steps you can take to turn off advertisements in the System UI in MIUI 12, in this article we will be seeing how it is done.

- Updated: 29th Jun 2020, 21:29 IST
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    How to Remove MIUI Ads in a Single Toggle Switch

Xiaomi is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world right now, especially in the budget segment. The brand sells millions of smartphones every year and is very famous for the performance of its smartphones even at a low price point.

In the recent few years, Xiaomi has developed a lot of disinterest from users because of the ads that are displayed in the System UI of the software. Unfortunately, this was a quick trend to adopt for other budget smartphone manufacturers as well and we now see other brands such as Realme display ads in the System apps sometimes.

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Ads are common in MIUI, these are intrusive and spoil the user experience. There are even users who have walked away from Xiaomi phones in the past for this exact reason, but Xiaomi doesn’t seem to stop the adverts as they are making it the main source of Xiaomi’s profit. After Xiaomi announced that they will be limiting their hardware-based profits to just 5% meaning that the company is forced to make the rest of the money through some other source.

The company has previously revealed that the ads in MIUI will be reduced especially the inappropriate ones. We can finally see MIUI 12 get rid of these ads and the latest version MIUI 12 will have an option to easily turn it off.

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How to Remove MIUI Ads in a Single Toggle Switch

In the previous versions of MIUI, removing ads was a very lengthy process that involved navigating through many menus to find the right options. The process has been overly simplified right now and users are given the option to disable these ads in just three steps.

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  • To remove the ads in MIUI 12 open the Settings page and then click on the account option
  • Find the Privacy Policy tap and click on it, look for System Ads within the Privacy Policy tab
  • Toggle off the option to disable the ads system-wide

Once you have followed the steps given above you will no longer see advertisements across, he system UI. In the earlier MIUI variants, you would have had to opt-out of the user experience program, refuse the transfer of diagnostic data, turn off personalized content settings on all the Mi Apps. Luckily all these steps are no longer needed, and you can just follow the three steps above to get the work done. You can also uninstall the bloatware that comes pre-installed on Xiaomi devices and disable the promoted apps, this will reduce the unwanted app notifications.


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Highlights of the Story

  • MIUI is the default Android Skin found on the Xiaomi smartphones and it is in its 12th version
  • MIUI is known for the notorious ad placement throughout the software which is not just considered disturbing but can also raise privacy concerns
  • Luckily these ads can be reduced and even removed with a few steps and check out the process

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