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4 Tricks To Master Instagram Stories On Your Smartphone


Instagram is used by millions of people on a daily basis, in which there are different sections such as Chat, Feed, Stories and more. The most commonly used is the Stories section which was introduced at a later stage. There are lots of different features and hidden tricks that your friends may use but you don’t know-how. To solve that, here are the top tricks to master the Instagram Stories.

By Akhil Taneja - 
28th Mar 2020
Top Tricks to master Instagram stories

Highlights of the Story

  • We all use Instagram to chat, post pictures and a lot more. 
  • Users use the Story section to share photos, videos, add text and whatnot, but they don’t know the full potential of it.
  • There are some hidden features and tricks that only a few people know about.
  • Instagram Story hacks, can make the stories look more attractive and reduce efforts.

Most of you are addicted to Instagram a lot, and Instagram stories are short fun and to the point that users can use to advertise anything, share travel moments or even make dinner plans through a poll. Instagram stories have become highly popular and there is no limit to mastering it. Today, with this article, we will let you know the top tricks to master Instagram stories and simple hacks. 

You can also watch Cashify’s video on Tips For Instagram Stories.

Trick 1: Rainbow Text

Rainbow text

There are a lot of different fonts and colors along with shadows that users can use in their stories, but do you know how your favorite influencers make their captions gradient or rainbow-bright? After opening Instagram on your phone, here’s how:

  1. Firstly, go ahead and take a photo of whatever you want and then you can type the text. For demonstrating, we will type in “Hello Welcome to Cashify” text on the story and to highlight the entire text, press and hold the text to select all and then press and hold on one of the colors.
  2. A color palette then pops up, press and hold on any color you like. Then keep one finger on the palette and one on the text you’re trying to decorate, now slide with both fingers over the text and the palette to the side of the screen simultaneously, with this can you see the magic happening.

Users can try going faster or slower to add more or fewer color variations and get a different result every time. It definitely takes practice, but after a few attempts, you’ll be a pro at this.

Trick 2: Innovative Boomerang

We all know how to shoot a boomerang, but here’s an innovative way to shoot a boomerang. In the Instagram app, there’s the boomerang tool and then there’s also a dedicated boomerang app from the app store. 

Using this feature, shoot a live photo on an iPhone, and then bring that live photo into the Instagram stories and press and hold on the screen, this will turn the live photo into a boomerang. We personally never used the live photos feature on iPhone and we had turned it off since the day we got the iPhone, and we didn’t really see the purpose for it, but now we find us taking my photos more because we can use them as Boomerang on Instagram stories and it’s great.

Note: This live photo boomerang feature has been taken down by Instagram from 20.01.2020 and if you still want to use it, here is a workaround for it. The only requirement for this to work is, the device should be running on iOS 13 or later.

  • Open up the live photo, which you want to use as a boomerang in your Instagram story. Click on the share button and select “Save as Video”, this will turn the live photo to a video. Now open Instagram, and swipe right, to move to the story page, add the video we saved, apply any stickers or effects as you like and share the story.

Trick 3: Better Image Qualities

Better image quality

Ever noticed that the photos and videos look kind of crappy on Instagram because of compression? There’s a trick that can be used on the photos to make them ever so slightly sharp. 

What needs to be done is, Open up the camera application on your smartphone, head over to the settings and change the aspect ratio of the images to 16:9. And just in case, your phone shoots only in 4:3 aspect ratio, you can later use an app such as Photoshop Express or Snapseed to crop the image to the 16:9 aspect ratio and then post it on Instagram Stories.

The working behind this is, the cropped image fills up the entire frame of Instagram not allowing it to use our 4:3 aspect ratio pictures and then crop it in the backend. The images get compressed and the quality is degraded while the background processing work happens. So by using this trick, you will get to post better quality images. You should try this out and you would immediately notice the difference.

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Trick 4: Eraser Magic Trick

Eraser Magic tricks

Another sort of trick or hack one can easily do is to do the magic or black magic eraser trick. Remember when you were a kid, you got a black sheet of paper, and then you would scratch into it and get a rainbow in the background. This trick is similar to that and to experience this,

Go into Instagram stories, take a photo and then tap on the drawing icon. Pick a color that you want in the background, and then tap and hold on the screen and it’ll fill the entire screen with the background color of your choice. Now choose the eraser tool and then draw on that photo to reveal a bit of what’s in the background. This trick is really useful if one wants to tease something and only want to unveil some parts of the image. 

Trick 5: Surprise Emojis in a Video

Video Pinning

Using this trick, creators can add an element of surprise to the videos. The way it works is, let’s say you are shooting an Instagram story video and then decide to showcase the story of, let’s say a beautiful panorama of the city and to add an element of surprise in the middle of the video, you add a clown sticker out of nowhere is the trick to making elements appear at the right moment.

  • Implementing this process is simple, just record a video or add a saved one to your stories.
  • Pick a sticker emoji or whatever element you want to add to it.
  • Now, tap and hold it until you see a slider bar at the bottom pops up.
  • Use it to scroll through your video till you find the right moment you want the surprise to come out, then tap “pin” and you’re done.

Trick 6: Glowing EmojisGlowing emoji

Now let’s move on to an interesting one. It’s often the little things that matter the most and change everything so why don’t you add some glow to your emojis to make them stand out.

To do that simply open the text tool in your stories and pick the Neon font and wow any emoji you add will shine bright like a little diamond.

Trick 7: The Hidden HashtagsHidden hashtags

Stories with hashtags can look quite annoying, but they make your pictures searchable and increase the overall reach of the Instagram Story. 

Users might still want to add them. So add up to 10 hashtags to your story and that’s the maximum amount Instagram lets you use. Now you have to make these hashtags way smaller than they originally were. Don’t go to extremes though because this way Instagram won’t see them as working hashtags. Now pick a good-looking GIF or a sticker and simply put it over the hashtags, they will still work but will be perfectly camouflaged and not annoy anyone.

Trick 8: Add Multiple Questions to Instagram Story

Multiple questions story

Story question stickers sure add interactivity to the Instagram users. People use them to ask for opinions, recommendations, and whatnot. The only problem with them is that you’re limited to one question sticker per story and so you sometimes have to share 10 stories in a row featuring just questions. Luckily there’s a solution to this issue.

  • Create a story with a question sticker and take a screenshot of it.
  • Discard the first story and open the screenshot you took.
  • Now add the second question sticker to the screenshot and keep going until you have asked as many questions as you want.

So that’s all it from us, these were some of the few handpicked Instagram Story Hacks or tricks that you would find useful. If you felt these tricks were useful, do share this article with your friends.

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