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What Is 0.5 Selfie?: Know Everything In Detail About The Latest Millenial Love


Are you a photography enthusiast looking to capture almost every element of the background in the image? Be it for solo travellers, selfie lovers, party animals, or anyone who look for new photography measures, here is a brief about 0.5 selfie.

- Updated: 3rd Jul 2023, 18:26 IST
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    What is a 0.5 Selfie?
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    How to take a 0.5 Selfie?
    • Requirements
    • Steps to shoot
    • Tips to shoot
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    Final Thoughts: What Is 0.5 Selfie

Are you keeping up with the most recent social media trends? A fresh one has come in. Maybe you’ve seen some weird selfies recently, with what appear to be generally warped perspectives and odd proportions like extended limbs and more prominent foreheads. We’re here to explain what is 0.5 selfie is and show you how to take one.

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What is a 0.5 Selfie?

A snapshot taken with an ultrawide angle camera is known as a “0.5 selfie,” which is pronounced “point five selfie”. These curved ultrawide angle lenses enable images to encompass a broader field of view. As a result, the image will morph, stretching and altering how things seem, particularly at the edges. Because they are frequently located along the edges of the picture, 0.5 selfies frequently have extremely long arms. This effect is a toned-down version of what a fisheye lens produces.

These 0.5 selfies are typically found on what may be referred to as Gen Z social networks that are highly image-focused. For instance, you’ll see them more frequently on TikTok and Instagram. Even popular individuals like celebrities, influencers, models, and other prominent public figures are beginning to use the 0.5 selfie trend.

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How to take a 0.5 Selfie?

0.5 selfie
Source: Pinterest (Username- IMAAN)

Are you prepared to produce your own 0.5 selfies and join the crowd? It’s quite easy; all you need are the appropriate instruments: 


Fortunately, taking a 0.5 selfie only requires one real prerequisite. Your smartphone must have an ultrawide angle camera. These are quite uncommon on selfie cameras, although they are common in phone camera systems on the back.

An ultrawide angle lens will often have a field of view of 90 degrees or more. However, the majority of contemporary smartphones with ultrawide angle cameras have a field of view of roughly 120 degrees, or something similar.

The iPhone 14 series, Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Google Pixel 7 line-up, Motorola Razr Plus, OnePlus 11, and many more popular devices have ultrawide angle cameras. To find out if your phone has an ultrawide angle camera, you can always look at its specifications.

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Steps to shoot

  • Step 1: Turn on the zoom feature on your phone’s camera. To take a 0.5 selfie, you must use the 0.5x camera mode. Therefore, start by holding an iPhone or Android phone with an ultra-wide camera lens in your palms. Additionally, you can use selfie cameras.
  • Step 2: Choose the camera app on your smartphone, then set the zoom to 0.5x or ultra-wide (thus the name). To access this modification, you may also pinch your fingers together on the screen in the same way that you would zoom in on a picture.
  • Step 3: Turn the gadget around. We’ve all grown accustomed to using the front camera on our phones to take self-portraits and frequently save the back camera for taking pictures of other things or locations from our point of view. However, a back camera on your cellphone is a requirement for capturing 0.5 selfies. To break our human tendency of getting ready and posing for each photo, this is done. Since you can’t see yourself take a picture, you have no idea how it will end out, which gives your picture a sense of surprise and authenticity.
  • Step 4: Extend your arm as far as you can and take a photo. The more background you include in your photo, the more engaged your audience will be, so extend your arm out further. Don’t be afraid to use your device’s volume buttons to take the photo.

Tips to shoot

  • You’ll probably need to use the backside cameras because the majority of smartphones lack front-facing ultrawide cameras. You won’t be able to see the screen as a result. Simply “wing it” and use a different technique to open the shutter and capture the picture.
  • The majority of phones allow you to do this by tapping either of the sound buttons. Although a few phones lock the focus when a countdown is started, you can also set a timer. As a result, if you set the timer, raise your arm, and wait for the picture to take, you can get a hazy picture.
  • If you’re ready to invest some money in an item like this, you might also try using a remote shutter release. Fortunately, they frequently cost not too much. 

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Final Thoughts: What Is 0.5 Selfie

The popularity of something like 0.5 selfies can spread for a variety of reasons. First off, renowned people on social media have taken to posting 0.5 selfies a lot. Naturally, this will inspire imitation from followers.

Furthermore, ultrawide angle lenses are relatively new to smartphone photography, and only recently have they begun to be a standard feature in mobile devices. For instance, the iPhone 11 from 2017 was the first iPhone to use an ultrawide angle camera lens. Furthermore, given the dearth of ultrawide angle lenses for specialised cameras among photography aficionados, many consumers were probably unaware of this.

Selfies reveal a fresh viewpoint that people weren’t used to. The Gen Z generation has access to unexpected perspectives, increased image size, funky facial expressions, etc. This can add excitement to selfies.
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Highlights of the Story

  • The latest discovered fashion of capturing selfies comes out in the form of 0.5 selfies or ultra-wide selfies.
  • This is especially loved by Gen-Zs and millennials who want to capture the picture in detail.
  • Here we get to understand in detail all about 0.5 selfie and how to shoot it.

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