Selling your smartphone online is simple. But the hardest part is to figure out where to sell your old phone and what’s it worth. To help you, we have rounded up some ways you can sell your iPhone and get the most money for your old iPhone. Now, when selling any phone especially an iPhone…2023-01-30 12:58:45Where Can You Sell Your Old Phone To Pay For Your New iPhone?

Where Can You Sell Your Old Phone To Pay For Your New iPhone?


Are you in the market looking to buy a newer iPhone this year? Or simply want to upgrade your phone to the latest one? Don’t just toss your aging phone in a drawer when you upgrade. Sell your iPhone! That old hunk of glass is more valuable than you might think.

Updated: 30th Jan 2023, 12:58 IST
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    Ways to Sell Your Old Phone or iPhone to Get the Most Profit
    • 1. Apple Trade-in Program
    • 2. Apple Store
    • 3. OLX and other online marketplaces
    • 4. Cashify

Selling your smartphone online is simple. But the hardest part is to figure out where to sell your old phone and what’s it worth. To help you, we have rounded up some ways you can sell your iPhone and get the most money for your old iPhone. Now, when selling any phone especially an iPhone a lot of its worth depends on its condition. Yes, the more its condition is better, the higher its resale price might be.

Although there are some other options weighed in too in the final price. But it all depends on a few set parameters decided by the buyer to sell your old phone.

An old iPhone can pay you a good amount of money if you are trade-in or sell it but only to a known source or a trusted platform. iPhones are always in demand, whether they are new or years old. An iPhone users will often find himself or themselves selling their current iPhone to upgrade to a newer one. In that case, here is everything important that you need to know about selling your iPhone at an amazing price.

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There is a reason why we have backup and restore options on phones. iPhones are not an exception and deliver excellent backup and restore facilities with their iCloud service. So, make effective use of this and back up your data to the Apple servers before factory resetting your old iPhone. This saves you time from having to reinstall a hundred apps all over again on your brand-new device. Moreover, you feel safer knowing that you successfully removed all your sensitive data from your older device before handing it over to its new owner. 

This article will help you explore the best ways in which you can trade in or sell your old Phone be it an iPhone or not. Upgrading to a new phone should not leave your old phones lying in the drawers. Selling an old phone online should not be a huge task after you read this article as we will help you out.

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Ways to Sell Your Old Phone or iPhone to Get the Most Profit

Here are a few listed ways to sell your old iPhone in the safest and most profitable way possible:

1. Apple Trade-in Program

The Apple Trade-In programme will compensate you with an instant credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone or an Apple Store gift card. Visit the site, choose your iPhone model, answer some questions about its condition, get an estimate (including whether Apple will pay for packaging and shipping), accept the quote, and receive your gift card once your iPhone is received. This makes it easy for you to sell your old phone or iPhone without any hassle.

2. Apple Store

Alternatively, you can take it to an Apple Store and trade it in for immediate credit toward a purchase. 

3. OLX and other online marketplaces

But if you don’t want to choose the Apple Trade-in program or go to the Apple store, then you can choose OLX – a direct customer-to-customer communication possible. OLX is a website that lets users post the details and pictures of their old devices and connects them to potential buyers nearby. However, there have been cases where a buyer has turned out to be a scammer or a bot. This is unsafe and indeed very unreliable.

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4. Cashify

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to selling an old iPhone, Cashify is by all means a safe, threat-free and convenient platform to sell old phones. The hustle to find a genuine buyer gets eliminated when you sell your iPhone at Cashify. 

Cashify is one of the safest and most reliable sources to sell old phones. The process to do the same is also very simple and easy to understand. You need to first visit the Cashify website, give all the details about your old phone’s condition and schedule a pickup timing. You can pick a time slot at your convenience and it can be at home or your workplace.

After you complete the above-mentioned process, a Cashify executive will visit you and you will receive instant cash for selling an old phone with Cashify. This is a very reliable and trusted platform to sell old phones online.  The entire process is very simple and hassle-free. Sitting in the comfort of your home and getting the work done is the perfect solution to all your worries. Not only does the entire procedure take place right in front of your eyes, but you also do not have to set out either.

All you have to do is go to the Cashify Sell website and enter your details. Now, you have to log in. 

  • Select the brand (Apple) and model you want to sell. 
  • Now, Cashify asks you to choose the storage variant and tap on Get Exact Value. 
  • After this, Cashify asks you some questions regarding the iPhone’s condition. This is to help calculate your device value correctly by answering the questions.
  • Once you have answered the same, Cashify asks you to choose the damage on the iPhone in a very simplified questionnaire. 
  • After answering all the questions, Cashify estimates the selling price they will offer once they pick up the iPhone. And how exactly do you do that?
  • Simply tap on Sell Now under the quoted price for your damaged iPhone and book a slot at your convenience. 

Many users might wonder how does Cashify calculate the price for the device? So here’s how they do it. Cashify evaluates devices based on their condition, age, supply, demand & value in the resale market. Our AI mechanism accounts for all these factors to determine the best resale value for your device. 

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Cashify Store offers many services like smartphone buyback, refurbished smartphones, smartphone repairs, accessories repair, and mobile phone recycling. We are India’s no. 1 buyer and seller of second-hand mobile phones. Using the Cashify Store platform, you can easily buy refurbished phones. So that every time you visit us, you get all that you need. This makes it the place for the best ONE-STOP for everything!

Cashify now gives you the option to sell your phone online and recycle your old phone just from your home.


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  • Buying a new phone be it an Apple or Android phone is extremely costly.
  • But if you have an old phone at home, you can ease off some of the cost by selling it.
  • Here’s a guide as to where you can sell your old mobile online to pay for that new iPhone.

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