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Which US Cellular Plan You Should Buy? Here Is A Buyer’s Guide


US Cellular network company offers different types of plans for their users. Providing its service in more than 40 states of USA. From postpaid plans to unlimited data plans, check out all of these right away.

- Updated: 19th Nov 2021, 04:34 IST
  • 1
    Post-paid US Cellular plans
    • Basic Plan
    • Everyday Plan
    • Even Better Plan
  • 2
    Post-paid plans for tablets and wearables
  • 3
    Prepaid US Cellular Plans
    • Pay As You Go Plan
    • The 15GB Plan
    • Unlimited Plan
    • Unlimited+ Plan
  • 4
    Which plan is the best? 
  • 5
    US Cellular’s Competitive Contemporaries
  • 6
    • How to access US Cellular service on a budget?
    • Which devices can be used for US cellular services?]
    • Does Verizon own US Cellular?

US cellular is an American-based mobile network operator corporation. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, it is the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the USA. The service’s 4G LTE coverage stretches out into each of the 50 states of the USA. Assuming you need to take a look at your nearby inclusion, you can check the inclusion map here. Here is a detailed description of plans offered by US Cellular, accompanied by recommended plans. 

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Post-paid US Cellular plans

US Cellular’s post-paid choices are genuinely straightforward — there are only three choices, each with particular highlights. You can select the simple ‘Basic plan,’ which covers the essentials, or spend more on the ‘Everyday plan’ and ‘Even Better plan,’ which offer limitless amenities. Look at an outline of each of the three plans here:

Basic PlanEveryday PlanEven Better Plan
Call & TextsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
International (CA & MX)NA500MB data, 100 mins call+100 texts1GB data, 200 mins call +200 texts
Video Streaming480p SD720p HD1080p HD
RedBox Movie NightNA1 free rental/month2 free rentals/month

Basic Plan

As the name suggests, it is the most basic plan offered by US Cellular. You get limitless talk, text, and 4G or 5G data just as standard definition (480p) streaming, and that is it. US Cellular Basic expenses are just $55 each month for one line. If you add a subsequent line, each expense is $52.50, three lines drop to $38.33, and four lines cost just $30 each.

Everyday Plan

This is your wisest option for full admittance to common elements. Your streaming leaps to 720p HD quality first off, and you can appreciate 25GB of needed 4G LTE or 5G data. Ordinary assistance midpoints at $10 more each month than Basic. The Everyday plan incorporates 15GB of the area of interest access. You’ll have the option to get 500MB of information just as 100 minutes of talk and 100 instant messages in both North American neighbours (Canada and Mexico). 

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Even Better Plan

Assuming you need the arrangement that has everything, this one is your pick since it’s Even Better. Yet, this plan ups the cost up by $10 per line, and four lines will cost $50 each. Nevertheless, it’s a preferred plan by those who are movie-maniacs because of two free RedBox rentals each month per line.

Post-paid plans for tablets and wearables

However, you can attach a tablet or smartwatch with US Cellular at an extraordinary rate, provided that you have a different line of limitless service. For example, you can connect your tablet with unlimited data for just $30 each month from that point onward. You’ll likewise get HD streaming quality, and US Cellular will give you $10 back should you stay beneath 3GB for the month.

Prepaid US Cellular Plans

Pre-paid plans outnumber the post-paid ones. Each plan is suitably named and portrays what you’ll get. However, the prepaid choices offer fewer advantages than the post-paid plans. Following are the pre-paid plans offered by US Cellular:

Pay As You Go15GB PlanUnlimited PlanUnlimited+ Plan
Call & TextsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
International (CA & MX)NANANAUnlimited calling to CA & MX
HotspotNANANAUnlimited at 1.5Mbps
Video StreamingNA480p SD480p SD480p SD
RedBox Movie NightNANANA1 free rental/month

Pay As You Go Plan

This plan is for those individuals who needn’t bother with any data whatsoever. However, at a pace of $0.03 for 1MB, it’s worth your time and energy to downplay the information as it comes out to $30 per GB. 

The 15GB Plan

The next prepaid choice from US Cellular offers 15GB of 4G LTE access for $40 each month. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t offer an area of interest and tops out at 480p streaming, yet that is one of the tradeoffs that accompany reasonable help.

Unlimited Plan

Similar to the postpaid Basic Plan, it offers Unlimited texts & calls, and data. However, it streams video at 480p standard definition. And does not come with RedBox free monthly rentals.

Unlimited+ Plan

The best plan which promised good value for money. It comes with unlimited texts, calls, and data, and it also offers a free rental at Redbox. And enable hotspot access at 1.5Mbps. 

Which plan is the best? 

The Everyday Plan stands apart and aloof. It offers extraordinary value beginning at $65 each month, HD streaming, and needs information. In addition, the Everyday arrangement has a Payback choice of $5 each month, so it’s much more significant on the off chance that you can downplay your information use. 

US Cellular’s Competitive Contemporaries

US Cellular stands in the same field as the big three- Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T. Verizon’s ‘Get More Unlimited’ plan offers 75GB of premium 4G data and 30GB of 4G hotspot and text access to 200 countries. At the same time, T-mobile’s ‘Magenta’ plan offers HD streaming and unlimited in-flight wifi. And lastly, AT&T’s ‘Unlimited Elite’ plan includes HD streaming with a 30GB hotspot per line.

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How to access US Cellular service on a budget?

  • If you wish to look for pocket-friendly alternatives, then you must take note of MVNO or GoogeFi.

Which devices can be used for US cellular services?]

  • Network carriers have less selective devices than in recent memory, which plays vigorously into US Cellular’s approval.  In any case, on the off chance that you’re never going to budge on the Pixel 6, it will cost you around $6.50 each month.

Does Verizon own US Cellular?

  • Verizon Wireless obtained U.S. Cellular clients utilizing the current U.S. Cell brand name till the organization joins and moves up to 4G LTE is finished.


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