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Why You Must Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Now?

By Akhil Kapoor - 
13th Jul 2020

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Sell your old Samsung Galaxy S9
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So, with so many smartphone manufacturers urging consumers to upgrade their old devices with the latest ones, it often becomes difficult to decide if you really need an upgrade or not; especially when you have a flagship device like Samsung Galaxy S9. This specifically happens in the case of old flagship devices where users often feel discouraged to sell their expensive and much-loved flagship device at jaw-breaking prices. So here we are discussing a few reasons as to why this is the right time to sell one of the most popular and loved flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S9, which came back in 2018. 

Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Old Galaxy S9

  1. Better upgrades at the same price tag – Samsung Galaxy S9, which came out with a hefty price tag of around Rs. 58,000/-, can now be purchased at an astonishing Rs. 24,999/- price. A much more worthy competitor at a much lower price tag is the POCO X2; or some other players from Xiaomi and Realme. These devices not only offer a much better value for money but also pack the trendiest design and internals. On the other hand, the Galaxy S9 offers a dated design, a single-lens camera setup, a standard 60Hz refresh rate panel and a very disappointing battery life.
  2. Storage – Yes, you might argue that 64GB of internal storage along with support for expandable storage is enough for a smartphone; but you might take your words back if you look at what other competitors are offering at the same price tag. Take the example of Honor 9x Pro; the device offers an impressive 256GB of internal storage at an aggressive price tag of Rs. 17,999/-. Another option you can consider is the POCO X2 which offers 256GB of internal storage at a price of Rs. 21,499/-.
  3. Camera – No doubt, the camera of Galaxy S9 can still compete with the newcomers; but still, it lacks some of the much-required camera features. The most visible of the lacking features is the absence of a multi-lens camera system, which modern-day smartphones offer even in the budget segment. The absence of lenses reduces the versatility of the camera system, such as the ability to zoom, focus, and change the field of view.
  4. Battery Capacity – This could be one of the major reasons for which users tend to upgrade old devices. The Galaxy S9 packs a mere 3,000mAh battery which is further accompanied by a dated 15W charger. Considering what other brands offer today, you can get up to 5,000mAh battery with much faster-charging support even in budget smartphones. Gaming, multitasking and heavy users can only manage a juice enough to run their smartphones for 6-7 hours before running to grab a charging source. You might need to carry a power bank always with this device.
  5. Spare parts problem – Although Samsung has a stronghold in the market, users often suffer from getting parts replaced for their old devices. With such an elegant body, the device becomes very fragile. With glass covering almost all of the smartphone body, the chances of your device getting damaged increases. This especially holds for that gorgeous display, which might cost you the same amount of money to get replaced for which you can buy a new budget phone.

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The above reasons definitely point out the reasons you should take into consideration and immediately upgrade your old smartphone with a new one.


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