“One man’s waste could be another man’s resource.” This has been Cashify’s motto since it came into existence and on World Environment Day, learn all about how the brand has been a pioneer in electronic waste management. Electronic waste, aka E-waste, is not only an emerging risk to human health but a huge threat to the environment as well.

Although technology has been a boon to human civilisation, what it leaves behind has been a curse. Consumption of technology leaves behind e-waste so, there is no possible way to eradicate this waste completely. However, recycling this e-waste is the key to reducing the impact of e-waste on our environment. That is exactly where Cashify comes in.

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Cashify’s Pledge To Protect The Environment

There are three ways in which our beloved Mother Earth can be rejuvenated – reducing, reusing, and recycling e-waste. Fortunately, these three go hand-in-hand and Cashify uses that to its advantage. By recycling and selling smartphones, Cashify is indirectly reducing the load of e-waste on Earth.

Just like any other form of waste, e-waste needs proper management. India is easily in the top 5 list of countries with the most number of smartphone users. Automatically, one can only imagine the amount of e-waste that is piling up in the country. That is definitely not good news this World Environment Day, eh?

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Electronics are made using gold, copper, silver, and other useful substances. However, they also contain toxic materials like mercury and lead. These are not just supremely harmful to us humans but also for the environment.

In 2020, the theme on World Environment Day was biodiversity. For every smartphone given away for recycling to Cashify, they planted a tree. In this way, Cashify recycled thousands of smartphones and planted trees for the preservation of biodiversity. This was an initiative in collaboration with the Cauvery Calling movement.

Why Is World Environment Day Celebrated?

World Environment Day is not a new concept. It came into existence way back in 1974. From this day onwards, World Environment Day became a platform to make people more aware of environmental protection. It is still what it was 50 years ago – a platform to spread awareness about the dire need of protecting Mother Earth at all costs.

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This day is a memento to people that we have only one home. If anything happens to this one green home we call Earth, our very existence will fall apart. World Environment Day is a wholesome as well as an alarming reminder of that and what we are doing to our Earth.

Why Is World Environment Day Celebrated On June 5?

In 1974, the Stockholm Conference was the very first time that environmental issues were recognized as an international concern. A total of 26 principles revolving around environmental protection were placed during the conference.

The Stockholm Conference started on June 5, 1974, and went on till June 16, 1974. Then, the United Nations General Assembly marked June 5 as World Environment Day to spread awareness of saving our environment.

What Is The Theme For World Environment Day 2022?

This year, the World Environment Day theme is “Only One Earth”. With the theme this strong, it immediately snaps us back to our senses. Ultimately, it is up to us to give back to Mother Earth and live in harmony with her. Sustaining her resources and keeping them available for future generations is in our hands.

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Which Country Is Hosting World Environment Day 2022?

After 50 years of coming into existence, Sweden is the host of this year’s World Environment Day. The very place (Stockholm, Sweden’s Capital) where this very platform came into existence has become the host in 2022. This is very empowering indeed and a reminder that we all have to buckle up and work towards this one thing.

How You Can Join Hands With Cashify To Save Earth

This World Environment Day, don’t keep your old smartphones that are not working piled up at your place. Instead, recycle them with Cashify. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Head over to Cashify.in.

Step 2: Select the Recycle option.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify On World Environment Day 2

Step 3: Now, choose your city.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify On World Environment Day 3

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Step 4: Type the name of your model and select it from the dropdown menu.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify On World Environment Day 4

Step 5: Select the variant you have that you want to recycle.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify On World Environment Day 5

Step 6: Click or tap on Recycle Now.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify On World Environment Day 6

Step 7: Select Yes or No to the question “Does the mobile switch on?”

How To Recycle Phone Cashify On World Environment Day 7

Step 8: Check the I agree to the Terms & Conditions checkbox.

Step 9: Click on Continue.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify 9

Step 10: Type your pickup address and select Continue.

How To Recycle Phone Cashify 10

With that, you instantly get Cashify Store credits. You can use these credits to purchase a second-hand device from Cashify. Soon, an executive will come and pick up your smartphone. This business model allows Cashify to scrap out reusable smartphone parts and reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment.

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Remember, this is our one and only home and we it is up to us to keep it clean and healthy. This World Environment Day, recycle your smartphone with Cashify!