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World Environment Day 2024: How Cashify Is Trying To Save Earth!


This World Environment Day, join hands with Cashify to reuse and reduce e-waste by choosing refurbished phones and making the earth a better place to live!

- Updated: 28th May 2024, 12:16 IST
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    What’s The Need For E-Waste Management To Save The Planet?
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    Cashify’s Pledge To Protect The Environment
    • Cashify Did More Than Just Recycling, It Made Refurbished The New Cool!
    • The Reuse Impact
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    How You Can Join Hands With Cashify To Save Earth?
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    In The End

“One man’s waste could be another man’s resource.” This has been Cashify’s motto since it came into existence and on World Environment Day, learn all about how the brand has been a pioneer in electronic waste management. Electronic waste, aka E-waste, is not only a deadly threat to human health but a larger one to the environment as well.

What’s The Need For E-Waste Management To Save The Planet?


India, with its massive smartphone user base, inevitably grapples with a significant amount of electronic waste. We are easily in the top 5 list of countries with the most number of smartphone users. Automatically, one can only imagine the amount of e-waste that is piling up in the country. That is definitely not good news this World Environment Day, eh?

Although technology has been a boon to human civilisation, what it leaves behind has been a curse. The more consumption of technology, the more will be the e-waste generation. There is no possible way to eradicate this waste completely. However, by smart measures like reusing what can be reused, a lot of e-waste generation can be reduced. Thereby reducing the negative impact on our environment. That is exactly where Cashify comes in.

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Cashify’s Pledge To Protect The Environment

world environment day

Cashify, the one brand army backed by the support and trust of 60 lac+ customers, is taking a revolutionary step towards a more sustainable future in the smartphone and electronics world. By promoting refurbishment and reuse of only one smartphone, it helps reduce atleast 243 kg of ewaste from going to the landfill and control 85 kg of CO2e emissions.

Here’s how Cashify’s efforts are fruiting by combating the ever-growing problem of e-waste.

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  • Back in 2020, Cashify made an innovative move by planting a tree for every smartphone given away by the user. In this way, Cashify recycled thousands of smartphones and ended up planting thousands of trees for the preservation of biodiversity. This was an initiative in collaboration with the Cauvery Calling movement.
  • People give up on their smartphones sooner than they should due to minor issues. Cashify tackles this issue head-on by providing a platform to repair hassle-free or sell your old phone and breathe new life into it.

Cashify Did More Than Just Recycling, It Made Refurbished The New Cool!

Cashify doesn’t simply dump your old phone into the recycling bin. Their skilled technicians meticulously refurbish pre-owned devices. This process involves 32-point quality checks, replacing faulty components and restoring the phone to a refreshed functional state. The result? A perfectly usable smartphone at a fraction of the original cost!

The Reuse Impact!

By giving a second life to old phones, Cashify empowers customers to adopt a sustainable approach to technology. These refurbished devices cater to a wider range of budgets, making even high-end smartphones more accessible to people who don’t want to splurge on full MRP.

It is not just smartphones. Cashify teams up with NGOs to give a second chance to many other products that might be valuable to someone in need. Hence, they collect the usable items we plan to discard or donate and provide them to underprivileged children. This small initiative of giving back to society also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing stuff to not letting it go to waste.

How You Can Join Hands With Cashify To Save Earth?

This World Environment Day, don’t keep your old smartphones piled up at your place. Instead, see if you can affordably repair them or simply sell them to Cashify. Also, if you are planning to try out a new smartphone, explore the large collection of refurbished phones from Cashify.

Getting Hands On A Good Refurbished Phone:

  • Head over to
  • Click on Buy Phone from the header section and choose ‘Refurbished phones
  • From here you can explore the Flash deals if you aren’t sure where to start. If you have a phone in your mind, then you can search the model from the search bar in the top.
  • Once you choose the model, also select the condition you would prefer: Fair, Good, or Superb. Also, choose the storage and colour option you prefer.
  • If you are happy with the price estimation, you can checkout by providing your details like shipping address and completing the payment by your chosen method. Your phone will be delivered to you in next few business days.

Also, if you happen to find any faults with teh refurbished phone, you can avail a six-months warranty or a 15-day refund.

How To Repair Mobile Hassle-Free Through Cashify Online?

repair mobile phone
  • Check out the Mobile phone repair section.
  • Find your model or search for it by model name in the search bar.
  • Check the different price quotes for each kind of repair like phone screen replacement, battery, back panel etc.
  • If satisfied, schedule your doorstep pick-up by putting your desired date and time in the provided spaces. Finally checkout. A Cashify executive will arrive at your place at your scheduled time for device pick up. The will also deliver it once repaired.

Check this for more details on mobile repair: How To Book A Doorstep Service For Mobile Repair? Cashify Explains!

In The End

Remember, this is our one and only home and it is up to us to keep it clean and healthy. Let’s celebrate World Environment Day not just for a day, but by making conscious choices every day. Cashify empowers you to be part of the solution. Reduce, reuse, and join the smartphone revolution!

If you’ve just bought a new phone and don’t know what to do with your old phone, then here’s your answer. Sell old mobile to Cashify and get the best price for it. If you are planning to buy a new phone, check out Cashify’s refurbished mobile phones. You can get your favourite phone at almost half price with six-month warranty, 15 days refund and free delivery.


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Highlights of the Story

  • World Environment Day will be celebrated on June 5, 2024.
  • Give your phone a second life, save the planet – repair or refurbish instead of dumping it.
  • See how choosing refurbished phones over brand new phones has a positive impact on the environment.