No need to buy Separate Devices For Everything! Your smartphone is the most convenient medium to unlock the doors of different features that were before opened only using your computer. You will thank your smartphone to help you with all these jobs without having to buy computers and cameras for different operations.2022-11-25 01:22:2210 Ways Smartphones Can Save You Time and Money

10 Ways Smartphones Can Save You Time and Money


No need to buy Separate Devices For Everything! Your smartphone is the most convenient medium to unlock the doors of different features that were before opened only using your computer. You will thank your smartphone to help you with all these jobs without having to buy computers and cameras for different operations.

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    Top Ways Smartphones help you save money and time
    • 1. Coupon Codes and Deals
    • 2. No More Landline
    • 3. Online Shopping
    • 4. Use Apps to Compare Prices When Shopping
    • 5. In-built GPS Feature
    • 6. Online Books
    • 7. Online Calling
    • 8. Professional Photography
    • 9. Minimize Your Telecom Bills
    • 10. Invest and Save

Your smartphone might come with high upfront costs, but there are plenty of ways that they can end up saving your money in the long run. Having a high-end smartphone can be a bit expensive for you. It might be one of the top high-priced things you own. But they become every person’s need in many ways.

The only drawback is they are a bit costly. And due to this, most people think having a smartphone is not worth it. But it can’t be true. In reality, buying a smartphone is a blessing, as it will help you to save your money in many ways.

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Top Ways Smartphones help you save money and time

1. Coupon Codes and Deals

Coupon Codes and Deals in smart phones can save your time and money

Coupons are the most effective way to save you money, but you don’t always have coupons with you. This is where the coupons app will come in handy if you shop online or offline a lot and frequently visit restaurants etc. There are many online coupon and deals apps/websites such as Desidine, CouponDunia, CashKaro etc available on App stores or their respective websites. These coupon websites/apps offer you a large database of coupons for various online stores, so you can always have them whenever you need them.

Using your smartphone to access these coupon websites you will be able to save a lot of money and score some discount coupons, limited deals on nearby restaurants, salons, coffee shops, spas, and more. Whenever you need to visit any of these places, you can use these coupons anytime and enjoy discounts.

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2. No More Landline

ways smartphone can save your time and money

It’s time to say goodbye to your landlines. Some people might give preference to landlines for long-distance calling and prefer wired telecommunication, but with the arrival of online calling apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Duo, landlines are becoming not more than a thing of the past and are already non-existent in most places.

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3. Online Shopping

 Online Shopping can save your time and money

Today we are living in a world where heading out to a store to purchase daily essentials, clothing, home appliances, and more is limited with a global pandemic in action. All the major offline stores that you intend to visit do have an online presence and you can directly purchase from their website/app right from your smartphone without visiting the store in person.

If you think that shopping using a website/app on your smartphone is odd or will cost you more than MPR because of the home delivery, then you might be wrong about this. Almost all stores provide free home delivery and cover almost all pin codes in India.

Pro Tip: You can use the coupon/promo codes apps mentioned in the first point to get more discounts on everything that you purchase. Great, isn’t it? So, this is your smartphone that is giving money-saving benefits.

4. Use Apps to Compare Prices When Shopping

ways smartphone can save your time and money

Being familiar with online shopping, you must be confused with so many e-commerce stores that offer similar products. For example, the same Nike shoes are available on multiple e-commerce stores with different pricing. To get the best deal, you can compare their prices and choose the one with the best quality products and discounts.

You can use “Buyhatke Online Shopping Assistant” which can show the pricing of a product from all e-commerce websites. And you can use this data to identify the best deal and make your purchase. In case you are outside at a brick and mortar store of a product, you can also manually check pricing and compare it with the offline store pricing and make a purchase from the option that offers the best price deal. Hence a smartphone helps save a lot of money.

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5. In-built GPS Feature

ways smartphone can save your time and money

Gone are the days when you used a portable GPS system and you need to mount it on the dashboard of the car. Whenever you had to head out for long weekends, you need to plug it into the cigarette lighter and stick it to the inside of the windshield. And then, you manually need to type your destination, and then it will start to navigate you. But now you don’t have to go with all this hassle.

Using Google Maps on your smartphone can show you accurate satellite data for traffic and routes and your smartphone can easily tell you where to go, plus it can even help you to drive avoiding traffic and roadblocks.

Your smartphone comes with the in-built GPS option, all you need to do is just type your destination, and it will start navigating you to your destination. The GPS option in your smartphone will save your money since you don’t need to buy a special GPS device.

6. Online Books

Online Books can save your time and money

With a smartphone in hand, you no longer need to carry heavy books with you everywhere, as they occupy a lot of space and are a bit uncomfortable to carry. eBooks will always one of the best ways to save money and provide you ease to comfortably read them anywhere. You no longer need to think about the lost books and damaged pages of the costly books that you own or rent.

Downloading an online publication is more pocket-friendly than buying individual hardcopy, literature, novels, or any other form of printed books. These e-books can also provide you all the information that a normal 500 or 1000 pages book can give which are too bulky and uncomfortable to read. Alternatively, you can download the Kindle app on your smartphone using which you can download/purchase millions of books that have a special kindle edition that you can rent or buy to read your favorite book.

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7. Online Calling

ways smartphone can save your time and money

Smartphones by default come with the cellular calling feature that is either done via network or as VoLTE. But every call you make you need to pay for it which is something that can be done for free on a smartphone. All you need is a good network connection a bundled data pack from your network provider or decent Wi-Fi connection.

Plus with apps such as Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, etc. you can make free calls to your family and friends and can talk to them without worrying about the phone bills. And during this pandemic where we are staying indoors, these apps can come in quite handy to connect with your friends and family.

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8. Professional Photography

ways smartphone can save your time and money

Photography enthusiasts and professionals used to shoot everything with a DSLR and with smartphone cameras becoming so good in recent years, a smartphone camera is more than capable to shoot professional-looking photos. In addition to this, now we have an array of cameras on smartphones to shoot each and every perspective using a telephoto lens, macro lens, depth sensor, and many more additional sensors to capture each and every detail.

Buying a smartphone with a good camera module can save a lot of photography costs and capture every special moment of your life to cherish your whole life.

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9. Minimize Your Telecom Bills

ways smartphone can save your time and money

In the past when mobile internet was not mainstream we used to communicate messages using cellular text messages and we had to pay extra for sending text messages. With modern Instant messaging apps, text messages are sent over the internet instead of old school messages that were sent using the cellular connection. Just like online voice and video calling you can save your money with online texting apps.

Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hike and Viber, etc., are some of the best Android and iOS free texting apps that also allow you to send text messages, documents, files, media, and voice notes. All these apps are free to use and are the best means to connect with your friends and family.

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10. Invest and Save

ways smartphone can save your time and money

Using your smartphone you can manage your monthly budget, save money for the future, and also invest some amount in mutual funds or cryptocurrency that shall give good returns in the future. Apps such as Binance, Coin by Zerodha, and Paytm Money can help you manage your funds and even let you open fixed deposits that can give you a good return on investment per year.

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  • Smartphones have become your mini-computers to help you with literally everything.
  • From Text Messaging to Online Shopping, smartphones have become a part of our lives making our lives easy one app at a time.
  • Follow these tips to empower your life with the power of your phone and save both your effort and time.

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