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17 New Plans From Vodafone-Idea, Reliance Jio and Airtel to offer 2GB / 3GB data per day


The new 17 plans from the telecom giants will now offer upto 3GB of data per day to its consumers.

- Updated: 13th May 2020, 20:15 IST
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    Airtel 2GB/3GB data plan list
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    Reliance Jio 2GB/3GB data plan list
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    Vodafone 2GB/3GB data plan list

Due to an increase in data usage amidst the Coronavirus Lockdown, telecom companies are offering more economical plans for their consumers which, along with providing more data, will also get pocket friendly. This includes all the three major telecom giants – Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and Reliance Jio.

The major changes in the new plans is the offering of an upgraded 2/3GB of data to the customers, probably to curb the requirement of data for online meetings and video streaming for recreational purposes. Down here is are here are 17 plans from from these companies that offer 2GB or 3GB data per day.

Airtel 2GB/3GB data plan list

Plan Cost (in Rupees) Validity   Data  SMSVoice Calls
39828 days3GB/day100/dayUnlimited
55856 days3GB/day100/dayUnlimited
29828 days2GB/day100/dayUnlimited
34928 days 2GB/day100/dayUnlimited
44956 days2GB/day100/dayUnlimited
69884 days2GB/day100/dayUnlimited

Another interesting catch in Airtel’s new data plans is that users who opt for the Rs. 349 plan can also avail free Amazon Prime Membership for 28 days.

Reliance Jio 2GB/3GB data plan list

Plan Cost (in Rupees) Validity            Data     SMS
34928 days3GB/day100/day
24928 days2GB/day100/day
44456 days2GB/day100/day
59984 days2GB/day100/day

All of the above plans also include unlimited Jio to Jio and 1,000 minutes of Jio to non-Jio Voice calls. If the user consumes this limit, he can get 124, 249, 656 and 1,362 minutes for paying an extra amount of Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50 and Rs.100 respectively.

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Vodafone 2GB/3GB data plan list

Plan Cost (in Rupees)    Validity      Data     SMS   Voice Calls
39828 days3GB/day100/dayUnlimited
39928 days3GB/day100/dayUnlimited
55856 days3GB/day100/dayUnlimited
59984 days3GB/day100/dayUnlimited
29928 days2GB/day100/dayUnlimited
44956 days2GB/day100/dayUnlimited
69984 days2GB/day100/dayUnlimited

Users who purchase any of the first four plans can also avail free Vodafone Play and Zee5 subscriptions as additional benefits.

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