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4 Tricks To Renew Jio Daily Data Limit


Jio, although it advertises that all its plans have unlimited data, each plan has a specified daily 4G data limit, and once you cross it, the network speed takes a snail’s pace, and the bandwidth falls to as low as 64kbps. That’s why knowing a few tricks to reset and bypass Jio daily data limit comes in handy.

- Updated: 15th Feb 2023, 14:14 IST
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    How to Reset and Renew Jio Daily Data Limit?
    • Method 1: Change the Date & Time on Your Phone
    • Method 2: Create a New Access Point to Renew Jio Daily Data Limit
    • Method 3: Use A VPN to renew Jio’s daily data limit
    • Method 4: Make Changes in APN Protocol
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If you’re a Jio customer, you already know about the speed caps imposed upon the daily data quota. You might have to renew Jio’s daily data limit to use unlimited data in its truest sense. Every network provider portrays unlimited data with all these so-called unlimited plans. However, the data speed drops drastically once you complete your daily quota. This optimizes their customers’ data usage once they cross the daily data limit. Jio offers a high-speed 4G network connection of up to 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, or even 3GB per day, depending on the chosen recharge plan.

Alongside, Jio claims to provide unlimited data at 64kbps speed once the daily quota exhausts. But this network speed is good for nothing as you can’t upload or download anything or even load a web page properly. You can get data booster add-ons though, by spending as low as Rs. 11 or more than that if required.

But what if, you get to learn about 100% working tricks to reset and renew Jio’s daily data limit? It’s exciting! Let’s learn!

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How to Reset and Renew Jio Daily Data Limit?

Here we’ve mentioned 4 working tricks to reset and renew Jio’s daily data limit. Have a look. 

Method 1: Change the Date & Time on Your Phone

You might not know that Jio counts the daily data quota from midnight to the next day at noon. Hence, changing the date and time on your phone will help you get back a stable network connection again. Here is how to do it properly- 

1: Uninstall and reinstall the My Jio app, but don’t open or log in.

2: Then, disable the Google Play Store and Play Services


3: Now, change your phone’s time to 12:01 am

Note: Doing so will automatically change the time; you can do it manually, though. 


Step 4: After that, Switch Off your phone and turn it on after a few minutes.

Step 5: Once your phone is on, log in to the My Jio app

If these steps help you get back the 4G/5G connection again it’s well and good. However, if you don’t receive back a stable connection, follow the other methods mentioned below. 

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Method 2: Create a New Access Point to Renew Jio Daily Data Limit

Creating a new access point will block your ISP to detect and compare it with the previous one. Hence, you’ll receive a completely fresh pack of daily data. Follow the below steps to perform this method. 

1: First, go to the Settings of your phone

2: Tap on the SIM card and mobile data

3: Choose the Jio Sim

4: Now tap on Access Point names

5: Click on the + sign from the top right corner and enter the profile name (anything you wish)

6: Enter the APN as JIONET

7: Then put in the Proxy field, and 80 in the Port field

8: Put Default in the APN type section

9: Put the server-

renew jio daily data limit

10: Keep the rest of the fields empty, Save this setting, and restart your phone.

Once your phone is on again, connect your mobile data from this newly created profile to enjoy unlimited access to the Jio 4G internet.

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Method 3: Use A VPN to renew Jio’s daily data limit

renew jio daily data limit

This one is the best method to renew Jio’s daily data limit. All you have to do is download a trusted VPN with the USA or foreign servers and connect your device through it. Here is how to do that and get unlimited data after exhausting the Jio daily data pack. 

1: First, download a trusted VPN

2: Next, connect your mobile data through the JIONET APN

3: Then, connect your VPN to USA or Germany server

Bam! You’ll be able to use the high-speed connection again. If you’re still unable to use a high-speed connection, follow our last method. 

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Method 4: Make Changes in APN Protocol

This is an advanced renewal Jio daily data limit trick to avoid speed data caps and keep your phone connected continuously. This method won’t work if you’ve already exhausted or renewed the Jio daily data limit. Because it involves setting up different access channels, which won’t work if you’ve already finished the whole data quota. Here is how to perform this method:

1: First, tap Settings on your phone

2: Next, navigate to SIM card and mobile data and choose your APN as JIONET

3: Now, you’ve to select the APN protocol as IPv4

renew jio daily data limit

4: Once done, set the Jio data limit to 1000MB if you have a 1.5GB plan

Note: In case of a 1GB/day plan, set the limit to 700MB

Step 5: Use your daily data quota as per the newly set limit

Note: Once you cross it, a data connection will automatically be suspended. Try to resume your activity; if you can’t access the internet yet, follow the rest of the steps.

Step 6: Open your APN settings again and this time put IPv6 in the APN protocol field

Step 7: Next, use 60-70MB of data and keep changing the APN protocol after every time you exhaust the data limit

Doing so will easily renew Jio’s daily data limit and the speed cap and help you continuously get a stable internet connection. 

It is important to note that you should not download the My Jio app upgrade version to renew Jio daily data limit from the Google Play store. Otherwise, your speed will be restricted once again, and you will begin to get less speed once you have reached your data limit. If you have sluggish internet speed again after using more data, wipe the data from the My Jio app and repeat the process described above. Restrict your access to on-demand video services.


The greatest data is used while streaming large amounts of video information. It’s important to keep in mind to reduce and lower the video quality when streaming. When people restrict their time spent on streaming sites, they may save a significant amount of data.

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1 Year ago
Thank you so much for enlightening me. I have 1.5 GB data limit till two more days. The issue is I have data-on of 50GB. I do not desire the date to get wasted. Will you please help me?

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  • The 4G data that Jio provides has a specific daily limit depending upon your recharge plan.
  • When you cross the daily data limit set by your existing plan, the network speed falls to 64kbps.
  • To get your network speed back again, you can either get a data booster pack by spending a few bucks from the My Jio app or learn some tricks to bypass the data cap.

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